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Urea Fertilizer | 2800 MT ‘Bharat Urea’ to district, foster minister inaugurated urea stretch cafe madrid

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Urea Fertilizer | 2800 MT ‘Bharat Urea’ to the district, foster minister inaugurated urea rack

  • Farmers are given a subsidy of Rs 1971 per bag

chandrapur, 2800 tons of urea from Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers, Mumbai has been received by rakes in India district for the first time. Sadar rack at Chandrapur railway station was inaugurated by District Guardian Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar and urea distribution has commenced. Especially MRP And the cost of one bag including subsidy is Rs 2237. However, as per MRP price of one bag, farmers get it for Rs 266.50 and a subsidy of Rs 1971 has been given on one bag.

District Superintendent Agriculture Officer Bhausaheb Barhate, Agriculture Development Officer Lakshminarayan Dodke, Campaign Officer Sushant Gadewar, District Manager of RCF Company Panjhade, District Manager of VCMF Hanole etc. were present.

Speaking to the workers in Maldhakka, Guardian Minister Mungantiwar said necessary facilities will be provided here by ensuring that the stretch point is reached. This includes shed, drinking water system etc. The railway department should make a proposal regarding the workers’ problems. He instructed the Railway Department that all facilities here should be made available for approval in the next four to five months.

1 lakh 18 thousand 949 hectares have been sown in the rabi season in Chandrapur district. In this, wheat is 16,335.80 hectares, grams 62,372 hectares, tides 6432.90 hectares, maize 1291.30 hectares, Moong 2195.10 hectares, ssameed 1280 hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, 180 acres, acres 1284.80 acres. .

Currently, an abundant supply of fertilizer is available in the district depending on the needs of the crops. However, farmers should use balanced fertilizers in accordance with the needs of the crops, without excessive use of fertilizers. In addition, excessive use of urea fertilizers can reduce the productivity of the crops.

In the current situation in the district, the wheat crop should receive urea fertilizer according to the amount of fertilizer provided by the university. Chickpeas, however, are a deficient crop and do not require nitrogen. Under current conditions, if urea is used in chickpeas, the yield will be reduced by about 20 to 25 percent due to dwarfing (branch and leaf) of the crop. Can For this purpose, all farmers have been asked that there is no need to give urea to crops other than wheat.

For the 2022-23 Rabi season, looking at Natra, Sphurad and Palash elements, a total of 56 thousand 497 me. According to the demand of the Agriculture Commission in Pune, the allocation of 41,970 million tons of fertilizer has been approved by the Agriculture Commission. In this, urea is 21 thousand 970 million tons, DAP is 1 thousand 620 million tons. SSP 8 thousand 250 m. tons, mop 500 m. Tons, combined fertilizers in 9 thousand 630. Tons are included.

According to this allocation, 58 thousand 815.40 tons of fertilizer have become available for the Rabi season 2023. In this 21 thousand 125 million tons of urea, DAP 2 Thousand 896.35 tons, SSP In 19 thousand 465 tons, mop 133 tons, combined fertilizers 13 thousand 905 m. tons, mixed 1 thousand 291 m. Tons have been received. In general, sufficient supply of fertilizer is available in the local market according to the need of Rabi seasonal crops for Chandrapur district.

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