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Vinchin: the best backup software

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With the continuous advancement in IT infrastructure, Vinchin, the best backup software, is also developing its features and functionality. Vinchin Backup has a vision for the future and offers free training to every user of his work in the form of documentation, webinars, online and in person.

It helps with virtualization and also enables: oVirt automatic backupThe users can implement advanced data protection using cross-platform recovery – V2V, Ransomware, imageIO API, etc.

Reasons to choose Vinchin Backup and Recovery:

Vinchin gives its users an option to restore specific files and folders without restoring the entire virtual machine. Offsite disaster recovery is widely used by various organizations that have more than one data center.

Apart from these features, there are several reasons why people should prefer Vinchin Backup and Restore service over other software.

  1. Wins the user’s trust

Vinchin has the full potential to provide you with the best service and has proven to earn the trust of its users. This certified software has led numerous virtualization vendors and is regarded as the most reliable, stable and reliable backup and recovery software.

  1. Better performance

While using Vinchin’s services, users enjoy the high level of performance and the fast backup and disaster recovery. Not only this, Vinchin also naturally protects the workload and moves the files to a cloud system without interruption.

  1. Free trial service

Generally, any software or application provides its users with a trial facility for about a month. But Vinchin, with a one-month extension, gives you a little more time to review and test the product. A total of 60 days free trial, you can enjoy the full enterprise edition backup and recovery software.

  1. Quick response

Unlike other backup solution software, Vinchin responds to its users in less than an hour either by email, support executive or 7 x 24 hour chat service. This minimizes the waiting time for the users, increasing the efficiency and fluency of the user.

Using Vinchin Backup Solution

You can easily use Vinchin backup solution as this software is made with user friendly interface.

To start backing up critical data in your data centers, simply follow the three main steps:

  1. Production environment,
  2. Production storage
  3. Cloud system

Vinchin backup and restore is easy to use the software in a fast and cost effective way.

Best Vinchin Solution for oVirt Protection

To suit competitiveness and business needs, a most adaptable solution with the latest edition and licensing option is needed. Vinchin solution offers multiple product versions for a micro business with approximately 1 to 2 oVirt needs. The standard edition is for SBMs and the enterprise edition applies to medium and large organizations.

Perpetual license means pay only once, use forever! While a Vinchin subscription license entitles you to pay every 2 to 3 years so you can balance your budget with ease.

Vinchin Backup & Restore Software Key Highlights

  • It has automatic virtual machine backup software with configurable backup scheduling options.
  • Vinchin is easy to install with less resource consumption and maintenance costs and promotes agent-less backup.
  • There is no production network consumption.
  • With LAN Free backup facility, there is a direct transfer of data via SAN.
  • Fast cumulative backup and restore solution with changed block tracking (CBT).
  • Vinchin is fully protected with the oVirt engine backup configuration, which minimizes restore timing to immediate 15 seconds via NFS mounting.
  • Regular updates are provided by anti-ransomware.

That’s why we find out how this indispensable Vinchen backup and recovery software is a powerful, comprehensive and stable backup solution for almost every critical sector.

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