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We are a human race, not a political race

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Shreya Christina
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Hate is a word that is beginning to describe this generation and the actions of people in the world. Hate has crept into public speeches, social media, hanging presidents/decapitated heads and our hearts. It has blinded how we see each other and tarnished the words we use to talk to others. Political parties are turning into catfights over who is right and frankly ruining any chance of unity in this country.

Politics has become one of the most sensitive topics in conversations today. Meaningful discussions have been hijacked into arguments, swear words and the bashing of beliefs. I try as best I can to avoid talking about anything political for fear of discussion. I am afraid to share my political beliefs and even change the subject when this is accomplished.

There are now “safe spaces” where honest political discussions are rejected and the opponents are told to “get over it”.

This virtually destroyed the conversation. Communication on social media has also become hostile. Social media has been a great way for people to express their views, connect with friends and family, or share articles/videos. However, politics has become a very hot issue in the past year and a half that it has taken over social media. It seems that every day there is a new comment from a politician or a newscaster who has said this. I know people who have unfollowed anyone who shares or talks about politics on their social media because they are tired of seeing it. There are very few meaningful responses to these posts and a lot of naming calling and shaming.

It seems that no matter what political party you identify with, someone will tell you that you are wrong about what you believe in and that you are what is wrong with America.

It’s though people have forgotten how to argue and all that happens is to put people down for their beliefs or even use stereotypes to describe them. If they’re Democrats, they’re snowflake millennials or Republicans are old country folks still living in the past. Not me when we first started identifying and recognizing people they voted for or what party they belonged to, but what I see worries me.

There is a constant anger around politics. There is arguing, stereotypes, bullying, etc. because someone doesn’t believe the same things. It’s time to say enough is enough and come together as one instead of tearing each other down.

It’s time to stop swearing and bashing ideas and start coming up with our own ideas.

Instead of using words to hurt each other, we use them to create our own ideas and help others instead of tearing them down. We need to engage in a conversation and discussion about these ideas. It is the minds and thoughts of the forms that will improve this land. People believe in the melting pot, but why not a melting pot of ideas and discussion.

The best place to share and use these ideas is the local government and the state government. This is where change and real impact can arise. There are not enough people concerned and involved in local government as there should be. This is one way to enrich your community and make a difference to those around you. City Council or state house meetings are great ways to hear proposals for bills that could affect the area around you.

The investigation has increased due to the rise of ‘fake news’. People have started looking deeper into articles and headlines. The news is designed to get you in and get as many views or shares as possible. Headings or excerpts have become misleading and not the truth. People should fully investigate the proposed bills or the comments people say. The internet has become dangerous and very good at taking things out of context. Instead of sharing and hating ideas, read and understand the full details. Sometimes bills are often misunderstood due to conflicting opinions.

The only time I see true unity is in times of crisis.

Recently there have been attacks abroad in the UK and people have come together to help and offer support. There has been nothing but love and kindness in the wake of these tragedies. I have seen hope and love after times of testing such as the Boston Marathon and 9/11. There was support and helping hands regardless of race/gender/or political party. People helped their neighbors and took care of each other.

There should not only be love in times of pain and crisis. There must always be love and goodness. There is too much negativity and hatred in this world. There is fighting and disrespect. This in itself is a crisis. We hurt each other when we should be together to make this country the best it can be.

Today we are spewing out so many contradictions that I don’t know which one to follow.

“Stay yourself.”

“Unless you are like that. Don’t be.

“Say how you feel.”

“Unless you want to say this. But don’t say that.’

It is time to end this generation of hatred and instead move forward in unity as a nation, not two. There are two choices: do the right thing or hate each other.

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