We are looking for new airports through government bids: CEO of Adani Airports

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AdAirport Holdings Ltd Arun Bansal on Wednesday during a conversation with ANI stated that Adani Airports is very ambitious to acquire more airports through government contracts.

The Adani Airport CEO stated that this is the policy agenda, but we are eager to acquire new airports.
Bansal spoke exclusively to ANI after Assocham announced the best regional airport prices for Lucknow and Ahmedabad airports.

“This is the policy agenda. This should see the next round of bidding when the government decides to go and of course we have the ambition to try new acquisitions,” Bansal told ANI.

“We are very happy to receive these awards and to be recognized as the best regional airports in the country for Lucknow and Ahmedabad,” he told ANI.

Currently, the Adani airport holding company manages 7 airports in the country.

However, he shared his belief in the growth of India’s aviation industry, saying that 900 million passengers would fly through Indian airports in a five to ten year period.

“If you really look at the Indian aviation sector, India will experience tremendous growth. If you look at the global growth as passengers, the percentage of the population compared to India is still quite low.”

“For the Covid pandemic, about 300 million passengers flew from Indian airports. This number will triple in the next five to ten years. So there is huge growth potential in the aviation sector in India,” said Bansal.

He stated that in order to meet passenger growth, “the airport plays an important role in ensuring that consumers can use the airport’s facilities,” he added.

When asked about the problem of congestion in the airports, which causes stress for the passengers during their air travel, Bansal said: “We handle congestion issues very well. Of course, passenger growth in the airports was significant after Covid due to demand. covid we have not seen any congestion issues at the airports we have planned. We have investors digitizing at our airports that allow us to manage the passenger flow. The seamless flow is the result of handling the congestion very well.”

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