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Sara Hopkins’ regular life as a local news reporter changed when she became a star on the then-popular app Vine. Before the app shut down, Sara’s videos attracted thousands of followers and views. In 2020 she is still an internet personality.

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Early life and family

Sara Ayres Underwood was born on March 16, 1991 in Columbus, Georgia, USA, so her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she is of American nationality; she is of partial Welsh descent. She was adopted by the Hopkins family, who had two daughters, Kristin and Casey. Her adoptive father’s name is Kenny Hopkins, and her adoptive mother is Karen Hopkins, who has lived together for over 25 years since 2020 – Sara’s son is their first grandson. Sara once wrote on her Instagram that she was “blessed and grateful” to have Kenny Hopkins as her father, adding: “Mostly because he didn’t have to be my father at all…but he chose to.”

Posted by Sara Hopkins On Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sara hasn’t shared many details about her childhood, other than that she had a dream to become a flight attendant, and spent (and enjoyed) nine summers in summer camps.

Educational background

In 2009, Sara graduated from her local high school in the top 4% of her class, in part, she says, because she didn’t smoke or drink in school, and was completely focused on her education. In 2013, Sara graduated from Auburn University with a BA in Radio, Television and Film.


Life before fame

Sara started working as a news reporter at WWAY News Channel 3 in August 2014 and developed her career in television broadcasting. In early 2015, she appointed the Director of Special Projects and also started working as an on-air host.

In the same year, she started posting her videos on the Vine application, which was quite popular that year. She quickly gained more subscribers and eventually found it difficult to balance her online activities and a full-time job.

Social media career

In early 2016 Sara understood that this was too much to absorb all her energy – “I called my mother every day on the hour, back and forth. It was such a struggle. I was torn mentally and emotionally because that’s why I went to school and trained for it and paid all the big money to Auburn University for it,” Sara said in her interview. interview to AOL. Her biggest fear was not using her degree after she got it, because you don’t have to be an Auburn graduate to be a Viner.

However, in March 2016, she quit her TV job to fully focus on her social media career while developing her Vine account, YouTube channel and Instagram profile.

At the end of 2016, she became one of the Shorty Awards finalists, finishing second in the “Snapchatter of the Year” category, as Sara was an active user of the Snapchat app. By the time the Vine app shut down, she had over 950,000 subscribers, which was a real shock to Sara who quit her job to create content for the mobile app, but she didn’t regret it and then turned to other social media platforms.

As of 2020, Sara has more than 230,000 subscribers on her Instagram account and more than 65,000 followers on her personal YouTube channel. While not very consistent in creating content for the latter, she is very active on her Instagram profile, has multiple contracts with different brands and companies, works with Starbucks, Amazon, Warner Brothers, Target, etc. project is her collaboration with Coke.

Sara now has another contract with Wellements, a company that supplies supplements and biological products for newborns and toddlers. Becoming a mother gave Sara more opportunities to enter into commercial contracts with companies that provide various gadgets, supplies and services for children and parents.

television career

Trying herself as an actress, Sara appeared in two episodes of the TV series “Secrets and Lies” in 2015, when she landed the role of a reporter for “The Trail” and “The Father.” The cool thing about her on-screen career is that she didn’t even know she was going to be in a movie, yet she was caught by the camera in one of the scenes filmed for “Broken Bridges” in 2006, starring Toby Keith, Willie Nelson and Burt Reynolds. She was in the audience of the venue and she’s pretty sure it was a pure accident that she got into the frame.

Sara Hopkins

Personal life, husband Robert Ayala

Sara began dating another Viner, Robert “Robby” Ayala, in 2015, and the couple became engaged in early 2017. Robby wanted to propose a marriage underwater, but Sara’s father asked him not to because he was sure Sara would spit. the regulator out of her mouth, so Robby ‘keep it simple’ and proposed on the beach during the sunset. On December 31, 2016, Robby got on one knee and asked Sara the question, but she couldn’t even answer because she was crying, and people around them wondered if Sara was about to say, “No,” and Robby was still on his knee. Finally Sara replied, ‘Yes!’ The only thing Sara and Robby regret is that they didn’t have any pictures of their engagement as their boyfriend, who was to come to them on that vacation to Roatan, Honduras, got pregnant and was afraid of the Zika virus, so stayed them at home.

Sara and Robby got married in November 2017. Robby is also an internet personality who has over 3.5 million subscribers to the Vine app. He also has his personal YouTube channel and is quite popular on Instagram.

Gave birth to her first son, Aidan Joaquin Ayala

Sara gave birth to her first child, Aidan Joaquin Ayala, on September 10, 2019, and then made multiple posts to her Instagram account admitting she suffered from postpartum depression. She revealed that only the right drugs and therapy helped her get out of the hell she felt, as she wanted the day to end before it even started: “I’m overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, fear, inadequacy, and emptiness as I this paralyzing, overwhelming love for this new life. Postpartum depression is a beast,” she says wrote on National Mental Health Day.

Sara also believes her son’s birth trauma may have affected her condition. Her son’s head was a little flat after the manipulations during the birth process, so the doctor designed a special helmet for Aidan to gradually reshape the skull. Sara and Robby also wore similar fake helmets to cheer their son up and to show him that there was nothing to be ashamed of wearing such a helmet.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Sara has an intense form of ADHD. She broke her back when she was 10 years old and had to wear a special bandage for three months – her back still hurts every day. When she was in high school, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but since the disease cannot be treated, she’s still unsure if the doctor was wrong or if her case was very mild.

  • She is a certified diving instructor.
  • She has a dream to meet Adele and Elon Musk in person.
  • She is a huge fan of Paramore and knows all their songs by heart.
  • Sara collects magnets.
  • She likes to drink sour beer; she eats almost all dishes with hot sauces, but doesn’t like guacamole.
  • She admits that people who can play guitar amaze her.
  • Her favorite color is gray because it makes her very calm; you can see that she has decorated almost all the rooms in her house in all shades of gray and also likes to wear gray clothes.
  • She likes to watch scary movies, but always googles their endings to find out what to expect, so as not to be too scared.
  • She took flying lessons, but she never went. She skydived once and wants to do it six more times until she can do it alone.
  • Her favorite flower is blue hydrangea.
  • She is a committed Christian.
  • Her favorite travel destination is Bangkok, Thailand.
  • She thinks Asians with dyed blonde hair look really cool.
  • Sara and Robby have two Pomeranians: 2-year-old Lilly and 11-year-old Chico; the dogs have their own Instagram profile
  • She was once a member of a stilt walking team and enjoyed it very much.

Her favorite fruit is pineapple and she is obsessed with pineapple-shaped accessories: she has a pineapple-shaped earring, her phone case is a rubber pineapple and one of her videos there are several ceramic boxes on display that are also shaped like a pineapple.


When it comes to the color of her eyes, Sara likes to say that her eyes are the color of “the ocean after the storm” because her eyes are that aquamarine hue. Sara underwent laser eye surgery; she still thinks it was the best decision of her life because the manipulations with contact lenses were unbearable for her. Sara is 1.7 m tall and weighs about 62 kg; her vital statistics are currently unavailable. Sara has no tattoos, but likes temporary ones.

Wealth and salary

As of 2020, Sara’s net worth is reportedly close to $1 million; she earns up to $1,160 per sponsored post on her Instagram account.

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