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What happened to Vickie Lynn Swayze? Untold Truth About Patrick Swayze’s Sister

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Vickie Lynn Swayze is a dancer known for being the older sister of an American dancer, singer and actor Patrick Swayze. Her brother was best known for playing unique lead roles, especially in romantic and comedic characters. Furthermore, he is also known for his good looks and in 1991 he was even on the list of the sexiest man alive.

Except for her famous brother, if we talk about Vickie, she will not be alive in 2022. 28 years ago in 1994 she said goodbye to the world that left all her family members shocked and traumatized. So, how Patrick’s sister died? How old was Vickie when she died?

Here, in this article, we will let you know the real cause of the death of Patrick Swayze’s sister, among many other unknown facts about Vickie’s life. Let’s take a closer look.

Vickie Lynn Swayze Birth Details, Early Life and Family

Vickie was born her parents’ eldest child on June 8, 1949, in Houston, Texas. She spent most of her early life in her hometown of Houston with her parents and siblings.

Talking about her parents, her father Jesse Wayne Swayze was a technical draftsman. And her mother Patsy Swayze was a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, and the owner of a dance studio in Texas.

Vickie Lynn Swayze with her parents and siblings, at the back

As for education, she attended Waltrip High School and was a student in the class of 1967. She was also a student at St. Rose Lima School. In addition, she belonged to white ethnicity and had US citizenship.

Her siblings

As we said before, Vickie was her parents’ oldest child. She has a total of 4 siblings named 3 brothers Don Swayze, Sean Kyle Swayzeand Patrick Swayzeand an adopted sister named Bambi Swayze.

All of her siblings worked in the American Entertainment Industries. But among them, Patrick and Don could make a name for themselves in the industry.

Vickie Lynn Swayze Brothers are American established Actor

Among Vickie’s 4 siblings, her 2 brothers Don and Patrick have managed to establish themselves as an actor in the American entertainment industry.

Don was Vickie’s second brother born on 10 August, 1958, and is recognized as an American actor. He has been active as an actor since 1983 and has done several films and series such as longmire, paradise, criminal minds, Murder she wroteand many more in his more than three decades of acting career.

In a similar fashion, Vickie’s first-born brother Patrick is an award-winning actor. He is famous for his movies like Dirty Dancing (1987), Spirit (1990), and the road comedy film To Wong Foo, thank you for everything! Julie Newmar (1995).

Apart from this, he has starred in several other projects and has been honored with numerous awards, including the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to Motion Pictures.

Vickie Lynn’s brother Patrick died of cancer

Patrick was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in January 2008. Even after he was diagnosed, he continued to work in some series. Unfortunately, in January 2009, he suffered from pneumonia, which led to complications from his chemotherapy session.

Vickie Lynn Swayze was the older sister of Patrick Swayze
Vickie Lynn Swayze’s brother Patrick Swayze

He finally died in September 2009 at the age of 57. After his last breath, his body was cremated and his ashes were scattered at the New Mexico Ranch.

What did Vickie Lynn Swayze do for a living?

Not much information can be found on the media portal about her profession. However, according to the memorial featured on Waltrip’s high school profile, she was also a dancer and theater actress. On the website, a person named Gary Barton wrote:

She was a great dancer and a great actress, she and I won all the state awards for Denny and the witches.

Since her mother was a dancer, she grew up learning to dance with her mother. So it is obvious that Vickie will continue her career in the field in which she was educated from an early age.

While she was alive, she lived her life out of the limelight unlike her other siblings. While all of her siblings chose to work in front of the camera, Vickie preferred a quiet life. More than just working in front of the camera, she loved theater and was an accomplished theater artist according to her memorial.

Was Patrick Swayze’s Oldest Sister Vickie Lynn Married?

Vickie’s overall life was a mystery, especially since she no longer exists in the living world. Even when she was alive, she seemed less interested in an open life. Because of this, her personal and professional life was missed by the media.

Anyway, some sources claim she is unmarried while some reported her as a married woman who had children. But until there’s official confirmation, we can’t tell if she was married or had a boyfriend.

Vickie Lynn Swayze Died At Age 45: What Caused Her Death?

On December 2, 1994, Vickie was found dead. She committed suicide at the age of 45 at her home in Van Nuys, California.

Vicki Lynn Swayze died at age 45
Inscription on Vicki’s grave Lynn Swayze

After her death, none of her family officially spoke about the possible reasons behind her terrible attempt. But many media outlets have stated that she had suffered from depression for a long time.

While describing her, a person named Gary Barton ’68 (mentioned above) wrote something about her on Waltrip High school pages saying:

I heard she was kidnapped as a slave to it, really awful stuff. I saw her next time before a 7/11 on Ella Blvd, she was acting very strange and a little angry, but our conversation was short and I never saw her again.

We are not sure how much truth there is behind this statement. But judging this statement, it is clear that Vickie experienced a very cruelly tragic moment in her life during her life that may have affected her mentally and emotionally. As a result, the mysterious trauma forced her to take her own life.

Vickie’s Grave

After her death, her dead body was interred in Assumption Catholic Cemetery, Simi Valley, Ventura County, California.


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