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What is going on Between Princes William and Harry? What is the Feud about?

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The brothers are again fighting. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about Prince William and Prince Harry. Their internal feud is going on for years now. Amid all of this chaos, new information has come out from the royal family. Princess Camilla is ready to sit on the throne. Yes, Prince Charles wants to cancel his old pledge. He wants Camilla to be the Queen. It is shocking news for all of us, but Prince Williams is not at all happy with this news. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

The Royal Brothers Love Their Mother A lot

Prince William and Prince Harry miss their mother. The family has ripped apart when they found their father, Prince Charles was cheating on their mother. Years back, Prince Charles fell in love with Camilla Parker Bowles. This broke the family. Prince Harry still blames his stepmother, Camilla for his mother’s loss. Princess Diana was stressed over her husband’s extramarital affair. They have seen how hurt their mother was.

Princess Diana died in 1996. After 8 years, particularly in 2005, Prince Charles married the love of his life, Camilla Bowles. Harry eventually wasn’t happy with his father’s second marriage. But back then, Prince of Wales, Charles had taken a pledge for his ex-wife Diana. He promised her legacy will be restored, we will not see another Queen on her throne. But guess what, Prince Charles wants to change his statements. Prince Harry is opposing his father’s decision, but Prince William stands by his father’s decision.

The Ongoing Feud Between Prince William And Prince Harry

Initially, we were hoping things are settling down between Prince Harry and Prince Williams. But guess what, the brothers are again apart! We are waiting to see their reunion but looks like it will not happen in the near future. Prince William supports his father’s decision. Five years back, Charles decided he wanted to see Camilla as the Queen. The final throne decision is finally out and Harry doesn’t want her mother’s position to get replaced in the royal family. Ever since Prince Harry moved out from the royal legacy with his wife Meghan Markle, the whole royal responsibility has been taken over by Prince William.

As per our sources, Prince Williams wants to see his father happy and thus have supported his decision. He knows his father loves Princess Camilla a lot. Moreover, he doesn’t want to have a feud with his father. After all, this would be the best decision for him and Kate Middleton. He is in a good position in the royal family alongside his wife, Kate. He doesn’t want to ruin things. But Prince Harry is surely not standing by this decision, but he doesn’t have a say on this anymore! We will surely get more information on this in Harry’s new books which are directed towards his mother’s life. We will surely keep you updated on this topic.


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