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What Is Honeysuckle Weeks Doing Now? Some Untold Truth About Her

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Honeysuckle Weeks is a British actress known for her role as Samantha Stewart (later Wainwright) in the ITV wartime drama series Foyle’s War. She was on the show from 2002 to 2010 and appeared again in 2013 and 2015.

Weeks has also starred in television programs such as the Bill, Close Relations, Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Death in Paradise, and The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Honeysuckles became a household name for portraying driver, Samantha “Sam” Stewart for Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) the lead of Foyle’s War, a BAFTA Award-winning detective series set in Hastings. While the actress additionally has been in numerous other regional TV series and films like Lorna Doone, My Brother Tom, Red Mercury, and The Wicker Tree, starring Graham McTavish, in recent, Weeks seems to be appearing in only a few projects.

Know if Honeysuckle is thinking of taking a break or even retiring. Also read all about her life; origin, how Honeysuckle became an actress, her family, her husband, and her recent doings; professionally and personally in the following article.

What is Honeysuckles Weeks’ Age? Her Childhood and Parents 

The British actress, Honeysuckle Weeks (real name, Honeysuckle Susan Weeks) was born in Cardiff on August 1, 1979, and is 43 years old. She grew up in a farmhouse in Chichester and Petworth in West Sussex.

Foyle’s War actress, Honeysuckle Weeks as a child.

Weeks’ mother Susan Wade Weeks, used to be a copywriter, and her father, Robin owns an advertising company.

Her mother was once a Conservative candidate for York and has also been an additional crew in films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, A Good Year, Girl With A Pearl Earring, and Arthur and The Invisibles, among others. Her parents were also from an upper-class background. They though separated when Honeysuckle was 13.

The now 43-year-old, Weeks had a relatively liberal upbringing despite her family being of conservative roots. In fact, her childhood and adolescence were mostly idyllic. She was also a self-avowed tomboy; Honeysuckle and her sister had their own private lake and often played Swallows and Amazons.

Her parents named her after the fragrance climbing plant that was in flower at the time of her birth.

Her Scool and College

She studied acting at Roedean, the girls’ school in Brighton. And for her higher studies, Weeks went to study for an English degree at Pembroke College, Oxford and graduated in 2001.

How Honeysuckle Weeks Became An Actress? 

Weeks’ acting career started at just 6 years old when at the time a children’s talent agent discovered her, her sister, and her brother.

Honeysuckle Weeks' mother would take her to auditions in London when she was just six.
Honeysuckle Weeks started acting at six. AP

Prior to that, her mom would take her to auditions in London. It was her parents who had chosen “acting” for her and her two siblings. In fact, they encouraged their children into drama from a very early age. Apparently, they, themselves both had ambitions to act.

Weeks’ first experience with the stage was playing a munchkin in a school production of The Wizard of Oz. Some time afterward, her mother enrolled her in the youth theatre at Chichester Festival Theatre.

In an interview, the West Sussex native revealed her first professional production was in The Wind in the Willows for which she earned 3 pounds per performance. In the play, she played a hedgehog, duck, and stoat.

Her Early Projects As A Child Actress 

Upon going to auditions, one day, Weeks landed a role in the BBC children’s drama Goggle Eyes as a teenager.

She had just lost the part for a West End production of Les Miserables when the Sylvia Young Agency spotted her and ultimately talked her into auditioning for Goggle Eyes. Along with Honeysuckles, her sister Perdita also got a part in the BBC2 children’s series.

At 14, the elder sister appeared as young Faith in the TV adaptation of Ruth Rendell’s novel A Dark Adapted Eye (1994). In the series, she acted alongside, Helena Bonham Carter. Weeks afterward played two different teenager roles in ITV’s long-running police ‘soap’ The Bill, first in 1995 & then again in 1996.

Honeysuckle Weeks Other Roles In TV, Films, And Theaters 

In 1997 and 98 the British actress respectively appeared in four episodes of Have Your Cake and Eat It (1997); eighteen episodes of The Wild House (1998).

Also in 1998, she was one of the extras in the TV mini-series, Close Relations, and then appeared in a Ruth Rendell Mystery The Orchard Walls. The following year, in 1999, she appeared in an episode of Midsomer Murders.

Next year, Honeysuckle got the role of Annie Ridd in the TV film Lorna Doone, and the year after that, she bagged her first big-screen job, in My Brother Tom (2001) a film about two sexually abused teenagers. In 2002, Honeysuckle starred in the BBC’s WW2 series Foyle’s War as Samantha Stewart. It would later become the series that made her well-known to a wider public.

Honeysuckle Weeks as Sam Stewart in ITV drama series, Foley's War.
Honeysuckle Weeks as Sam Stewart alongside Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War. ITV

Whilst being the cast of Foyle’s War, Weeks would also appear in the film Red Mercury (2005), Cards on the Table (2005), and The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2007). She has also been in the series, The Bill mostly as Julie Nowak.

In the theatre, Honeysuckle played the governess in a 2008 production of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw. Additionally, she acted as Viola in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and played Eva in Alan Ayckbourn’s brilliant play Absurd Person Singular.

Her Siblings, Perdita Weeks And Rollo Weeks 

Her younger sister, Perdita Weeks, is also an actress and is known for playing Juliet Huggins in the CBS reboot series Magnum PI.

Honeysuckle Weeks' sister and Magnum PI actress, Perdita Weeks.
Honeysuckle Weeks’ other sister, Perdita Weeks is known for playing in the CBS series, Magnum PI.

She has also been in hits like Ready Player One, Penny Dreadful, The Invisible Woman, and others.

As for her younger brother, Rollo Weeks, he, too was an actor and had notable credits in films The Little Vampire (2000) and The Thief Lord (2006). Honeysuckle’s brother, Roll additionally is known for appearing in the BBC series It Might Be You and in the miniseries Berkeley Square.

The Thief Lord star, Rollo Weeks is now a professional photographer.
Honeysuckle’s brother, Rollo Weeks is now a professional photographer.

As of recent, however, Rollo has turned into a professional photographer working for Gro Studio, London as a creative director. His social media handles include a handful of collections of nature snapshots and occasional stills of his sisters as well.

Honeysuckle Weeks’ Relationship With Her Husband Lorne Stormonth-Darling

When last reported, the mother-of-one was married to Lorne Stormonth-Darling, 16 years her senior, with a son.

Honeysuckle Weeks’ husband is a hypnotherapist and an antique dealer. Weeks went on a first date with her future husband, Lorne Stormonth-Darling in 2002. The former student of Premboke College claims he asked her to marry him every day after their first date.

Foyle's War actress with her husband, Lorne Stormonth-Darling whom she married in 2005.
Honeysuckle Weeks with her husband, Lorne Stormonth-Darling. Getty

Three years later, Honeysuckle and Stormonth-Darling tied the knot in a Buddhist ceremony in the Himalayas while on a holiday in 2005. That wedding ceremony happened in an apple orchard 8,000ft above sea level.

The couple, though, later had a more conventional church wedding in July 2007. They thought of remarrying on their return to their homeland and were under pressure from both sets of parents to tie the knot properly.

Their Second Wedding 

The second time, Lorne and his actress wife had their nuptials was at St Mary’s Church in Barlavington, near Petworth in West Sussex.

The Oxford graduate wore a medieval-style dress that she had bought from an antique shop in Hastings for £280. Lorne offered Honeysuckle what she smilingly describes as a “revolting garnet knuckle-duster ring.” Her baby’s father had designed the ring himself.

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds left their celebrations by hot-air balloon on the first leg of a journey to honeymoon in Zanzibar. However, just three miles out, the weather took a sudden turn for the worse and the balloon crash-landed at a cornfield, narrowly avoiding a lake. They, however, didn’t tell their parents about the accident.

After marriage no 2, they started living in a two-bedroom cottage in Kensal Green, London (with their Tibetan Mastiff, Kensal) in a small cottage that Honeysuckle bought in 2004.

Together, Weeks and her husband are parents to a son, Wade, born in 2011.

Lorne And Weeks Were At The Same College Before Marrying Each Other

Lorne and Honeysuckles had known each other way before they would start a relationship.

In fact, Weeks had been friends with Lorne, the son of a retired City broker since 1999 when she was at Oxford and he was a friend of her flatmate’s parents.

The Goggle Eyes star states her now-husband would hang around “to try to find a younger girlfriend” and even hit on her friend before he settled for Weeks.

Is Honeysuckle Weeks Still Married To Her Hubby Lorne Stormonth-Darling? 

Fast forward to Jan 2019 and Dailymail reported the former child stage actress and the father of her son, Stormonth-Darling has crashed and burned their union.

This was after Foyle’s War star posted a video of a sign bearing the initials L&H with pink hearts burning on a bonfire, and captioned it ‘By bye marriage.’

Though that would be the only time either the husband or the wife talked about where their marriage was at. It subsequently is unclear whether the couple has actually called it quits secretly or reconciled already behind the scenes.

Weeks’ Once Had A Fiance Who Died In A Car Crash

While Honeysuckle Weeks may have been long married to a hypnotherapist, Lorne wasn’t her first relationship that people had known about.

When she was young, Honeysuckle was the fiancee of poet and musician, Anno Birkin. Before the wedding, however, he lost his life in a car crash just before his 21st birthday.

She Also Had A Brief Romance With Actor Hugh Grant

She also once went on a date with fellow British actor, Hugh Grant, whom she met at a millennium party in London’s Groucho Club.

They had dinner in the members’ club Soho House, but she didn’t call him after their first date. Weeks says it was because she didn’t think the Love Actually actor would want to hear from her again.

Honeysuckle Weeks Once Went Missing 

In July 2016 Honeysuckle’s relatives reported her missing to the police.

To the authorities, they said they had last seen the actress in Chichester, a city in West Sussex. Fortunately, the officials found her a day after her close ones complained about her disappearance at 10 pm on Thursday.

In July 2016, Honeysuckle's relatives reported she had gone missing.
Honeysuckle went missing in July 2016 but was found the next day. Getty/AP

Police said they encountered Ms. Weeks ‘safe and well’ at a relative’s address in London at 7.45 pm on Friday. Apparently, before her disappearance, Weeks had expressed to her family of feeling anxious.

This, however, wasn’t the first time she had become a subject of the police matter. Earlier, the same year Ms. Weeks had to wear an electronic tag and had received a suspension from driving for four months after the police caught her speeding on the A3 in southwest London.

The court had also imposed a nightly curfew on her for a month. What’s more, at the time of the speeding, she was with her then five-year-old son Wade who was in the back of the vehicle.

In The Past, Honeysuckle Struggled To Lose Weight

Honeysuckles once confessed to having a sort of eating disorder problem.

In March 2008, while talking to Dailymail, the eldest sister of Perdita Weeks said she had also been on a journey to lose weight and become “Hollywood thin.”

Weeks revealed she strived for a size-zero culture that female celebrities at the time were increasingly embracing.

“I used to run ten miles every other day and eat very little. I was living in London on my own for the first time and no one was checking on me,”

admitted the star of The Midsomer Murders. She added while she wasn’t anorexic but had lost three stones and weighed around seven. That, though, lasted only six months until she ran out of willpower.

She also stated how size zero would never make one happy and said she is too much of a fan of chocolate and crisps.

What Is She Doing Now? 

While The Red Mercury actress is quite reserved with her Facebook and Instagram handles, her fairly active Twitter suggests she is still residing in Sussex.

As for acting, Weeks’ last screen jobs included her portrayal of Christy in the series, Maxxx (2020). Prior to that, she had been appearing as Laura Marshall in the TV mini-series, The Five (2016), and then as Agatha Christie in
another series, Frankie Drake Mysteries (2019).

Other Facts 

  • Honeysuckle Weeks is a vegetarian.
  • In 2007, Weeks ran in the London Marathon, completing the 26 miles in 3 hours and 55 minutes, and raising over £8,000 for charity.
  • Honeysuckles also support several charities including Starlight Children’s Foundation, the Amber Foundation, The Woodland Trust, and LEPRA. The latter organization helps prevent and treat leprosy and other diseases in deprived countries.


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