What you need to know about Eden McCoy from General Hospital

Who is Eden McCoy?

Eden McCoy was born on June 10, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is an actress, probably best known for her role as Josslyn Jacks in the popular long-running soap opera ‘General Hospital’. She is the sixth actress to fill the role and has been with the show since 2015.

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The net worth of Eden McCoy

As of early 2020, Eden McCoy’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful acting career. She has appeared in national commercials, stage productions, and independent films throughout her career, and as she continues to work on “General Hospital”, her wealth is likely to continue to rise.

Early life, education and career start

Growing up in nearby Manhattan Beach, Eden showed a strong propensity for athletic activities from an early age, and excelled in sports volleyball in particular. She attended Marlborough School in Los Angeles, a storied institution dating back to 1889. In Southern California, it is the oldest independent girls’ school and has also been voted one of the best girls’ schools in the US.

She played with the school’s volleyball team and excelled, with college scouts even showing an interest in her talents.

While at summer camp, she took part in a few drama activities that sparked her interest in that field, and she realized she had the potential to find a career in the entertainment industry so close to Hollywood in Los Angeles. She started attending auditions and soon landed a few commercial roles, one of her first being in a commercial for Wells Fargo and another for Valpak coupons.

Rise to Fame – Nickelodeon

In 2011, she made her movie debut in the independent feature called “Perfect Man”. Soon more opportunities came her way and she auditioned for Nickelodeon and earned a spot on a few shows.

She worked in the comedy “The Thundermans”, appearing in a small role alongside Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo and Chris Tallman. The show follows the story of a family who possesses superhuman powers, but tries to live a normal life. The show ran for four seasons.

She then worked on the comedy show “Game Shakers,” along with Kel Mitchell, Madisyn Shipman, and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr. The series follows two children as they create a successful video game, which led them to launch their own game. video game company, hiring some of their friends along the way. After her performance on the show, she found herself doing a few stage productions, mainly at the Los Angeles Opera.

The company is the fourth largest in the country and is known for staging operas and other performances every year.

General Hospital

Before finding her most notable role to date, Eden guest-starred at Disney on the comedy show “Walk the Prank” alongside Cody Veith and Bryce Gheisar, which aired on Disney XD. In 2015, she landed her biggest role on the soap opera “General Hospital” after successfully auditioning for the part. Her mom told her she got the part just after picking her up from school.

Eden McCoy

The medical drama is the longest-running American soap opera according to the Guinness World Records, and the second-longest-running show in American television history, after “Guiding Light.” Internationally, it ranks third in length after Britain’s “The Archers” and “Coronation Street”.

The show initially followed the lives of people attached to the General Hospital in an unnamed city. It followed the story of two families and slowly introduced more over the years and the show expanded its reach to other locations. It received the highest ratings in the 1980s with the introduction of Luke and Laura, who are considered the show’s hottest super couple. Its resilience and longevity have led to it being called one of the greatest television programs of all time.

Josslyn Jacks + the decay of the soap

McCoy plays the character of Josslyn, the daughter of Carly Corinthos with Jax Jacks. The storyline surrounding her character has been active since childhood as she gets involved in issues surrounding her parents. On one occasion, she was kidnapped by her uncle, who later poisoned her, forcing her to be hospitalized for a long time. Growing up, she later dated a boy who died of brain cancer. McCoy is the longest-serving role to date, succeeding Hannah Nordberg.

While she enjoys success and a regular paycheck with the show, viewers are noting that the soap opera is a dying genre on American television.

Posted by Eden McCoy On Wednesday 3 May 2017

Of the many made in the 1950s to 1980s, only four major soap operas remain: “General Hospital”, “Days of Our Lives”, “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”. This is due to a declining interest in the genre, with new fads, technology and programming attracting viewers. Regular broadcast television has also slowly declined due to the popularity of web television services such as Netflix and Hulu. For now, there’s enough interest in shows like “General Hospital” to continue, but it remains to be seen for how long.

Private life

Eden is single and does not talk about her romantic relationships. She is busy balancing her acting career and education. She pledged to play volleyball in college and joined the University of Southern California (USC) after being scouted by them. For now, she still needs about a year of high school education before she can enter the prestigious university, assuming her acting commitments don’t get in the way of you!


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