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When and how did Shivaji Maharaj get the title of ‘Chhatrapati’? Read that heroic story – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 19 feb Know When and how did Shivaji get the title of Chhatrapati

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti: Shivaji Maharaj, a skilled ruler, military strategist, a brave warrior, facing the Mughals and respecting all religions, was born on 19 February 1630 in the fort of Shivneri, near Pune. His father’s name was Shahji and mother’s name was Jijabai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a warrior and a Maratha king, who fought many battles against the Mughals. Due to his bravery, strategy and leadership, he got the title of ‘Chhatrapati’. Let us know when and how Shivaji got the title of Chhatrapati.

Adilshah was afraid of Shivaji
Everyone saluted Shivaji’s war skills and strategy against Bijapur and Mughals. His guerilla warfare art used to overpower the enemies. With the help of revenue collection system based on Chaith and Sardeshmukhi, he laid the foundation of a strong Maratha state. Adilshah, the ruler of Bijapur, started getting scared due to the increased fame of Shivaji. Then Adilshah planned to make him a prisoner.

Father was released from Adilshah’s prison
Shivaji realized the conspiracy of Adilshah very soon. Adilshah could not catch him but Shivaji’s father Shahaji was taken prisoner in his plan. As soon as he got information about this, Shivaji planned to give a befitting reply to Adilshah. It did not take him much time with his policy and courage to locate the prison where his father was imprisoned. He not only freed his father from the captivity of Adilshah but also captured the forts of Purandar and Jaweli.

When Mughals had to give 24 forts
After this whole incident, Aurangzeb threw a net of friendship to catch Shivaji. He sent Jaisingh and Dilip Khan to Shivaji to sign the Purandar treaty. After the treaty, Shivaji had to give 24 forts to the Mughal ruler. After this Aurangzeb called Shivaji to Agra and imprisoned him by deceit, but not for long. Shivaji soon escaped from Aurangzeb’s prison.

… and Shivaji got the title of ‘Chhatrapati’
As soon as Aurangzeb made him a prisoner by deceit, Shivaji understood that the Purandar treaty was just an illusion. On the strength of his bravery and fighting skills, he not only defeated Aurangzeb’s army but also recaptured all the 24 kilos. After this bravery, he was given the title of Chhatrapati on 6 June 1674 at Raigarh Fort. Chhatra in Chhatrapati means a kind of crown worn by deities or highly pious men, but Pati means Guru.

Shivaji did not groom himself to be a king or an emperor, rather he considered himself to be the protector of his people and hence a title was given to him. His coronation was done by Pandit Gagabhat of Kashi. He died on April 3, 1680, due to a fever that lasted for three weeks.

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