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When is the show coming back? What’s next for fans?

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Romantic reality shows have been making headlines in recent years and there is no shortage of such shows. However, Southern Charm is definitely at the top. The show follows seven individuals who live in the high-class South Carolina community of Charleston. And what follows is a whole lot of drama, romance and feuds. Since the eighth season ended in February 2021, fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 8 of Southern Charm. So let’s discuss what we know about it.

Who will be featured in Season 8 of Southern Charm?

Southern Charm Season 8 may feature the return of some cast members from last season. Returning cast members include Kathryn Dennis, who received a mansion as an inheritance after her mother’s death. Other returning cast members include Kensie, Saint, Austen Kroll and Craig Conover.

The final season also featured Shep Rose, whose path of redemption after making some bad choices in his life. Leva Bonaparte, Madison LeCroy and music lover John Pringle are also among the cast members expected to return in Southern Charm season 8. On the other hand, fans are also hoping that Venita Aspen returns in the next season.

Are Craig & Shep More Than Friends?

Southern Charm Season 8

Craig and Shep have been friends over dinner for a long time. Craig looked to Shep for advice when he just got a foot in the door in Charleston. Shep seemed disappointed in Craig, judging his decisions every time he made a mistake. Some people interpreted the band as jealous brotherly love, but a few Reddit users believe it’s more.

Craig and Shep may have had a romantic relationship at some point in their lives. This could explain why they were so tense and why they were so angry when something went wrong. It will be fascinating to see if Shep is jealous of Craig’s new Austen podcast.

Austen and Chelsea will get back together?

Southern Charm Season 8

Remember when Jane Austen and Chelsea had a brief relationship? Initially, the two were priceless. However, they soon realized that they were best off as friends. Soon after, Austen started seeing Madison, and the rest, as they say, is history. Fans on Reddit, on the other hand, have a feeling that Austen and Chelsea will one day reunite. They were in a happy situation. On the other hand, Austen seemed unprepared for a long-term relationship. After his breakup with Madison, he now knows what he wants, and it’s possible that it’s Chelsea.

Why aren’t Thomas and Kathryn married?

Southern Charm Season 8

It was horrifying to watch Kathryn long for a long-term relationship with Thomas, even though they were unfit. They were in very different life stages and had completely different aspirations and dreams. One fan claimed that Thomas was looking for Kathryn and their child in his life so that his campaign would seem better. Especially since Kathryn had a well-known Southern last name. On the other hand, some Redditors believe that having an unmarried baby mother on his hands has had the opposite effect on his career. This caused him to ignore her and their connection.

Why is Austen so protective of Kathryn?

Southern Charm Season 8

Throughout her tenure on Southern Charm, Kathryn experienced ebb and flow with the majority of the cast at various time periods. She’s not the easiest person to find or even talk to because of her past. When Kathryn is on a roll, she interacts with the majority of her castmates, especially Craig and Austen.

A fan theorizes that Austen has been so protective of her ever since they slept together in the past and didn’t tell anyone. She’s also been with Shep and Whitney, so this idea isn’t far off. Andy also asked the group if anyone had ever denied contacting anyone from the group at a reunion, prompting Kathryn to call Austen. Austin remained silent.

When will Southern Charm season 8 premiere?

The seventh season of Southern Charm ran on Bravo from October 29, 2020 to February 11, 2021. As for Southern Charm season 8, there are reports that the show will return for eight seasons as there is still a lot of drama and romance left to be on the show. to discover.

While we know the series is likely to return, there are no confirmed updates on Southern Charm season 8 production. At the moment we don’t have an official release date for the eighth season, but when the release date is announced, TechRadar247 will update you.

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