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When will the third season come out? Discover it here

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Home Makeovers and renovations are definitely a great way to beautify yourself. But Netflix realized that this could be the premise for an intriguing reality show. The series features the interior decorator couple Shea and Syd McGee. The show has carved a special place in viewers’ hearts and with Dream Home Makeovers Season 3 just around the corner, let’s discuss what we know about it.

What to expect from Dream Home Makeover Season 3?

Dream Home Makeover is a reality about home renovations and decoration. We know that every episode of the show features a different house, which Shea and Syd visit and give it a brand new look. Through discussions and site visits, they try to determine what the customers are looking for in a particular location. Being parents, they understand the value of comfort and practicality, which greatly influences the design concepts.

In the second season of the series, they worked on several renovation projects. One of those houses belonged to former NBA player Travis Hansen. There was also the renovation of the main bathroom of the Winkelman house. In addition, as they work on the projects for their clients, they find ways to improve the house they have recently moved into. When the show returns with Dream Home Makeovers Season 3, we’ll see Shea and Syd working on more luxurious homes for their new clients.

Who will be featured in Dream Home Makeover Season 3?

The show features a real-life couple and entrepreneurs, Shea McGee and Syd McGee. The difference between Studio McGee and McGee & Co., a furniture and decoration company, is that Studio McGee has about 100 employees. Shea oversees the creative side of the businesses and Syd serves as CEO. The duo works together with their crew, who plans and executes the physical renovation.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3

In addition, Shea and Syd are also parents to two adorable girls, namely Wren and Ivy. When the show returns with Dream Home Makeovers Season 3, there’s no doubt that Shea and Syd will return with their renovation talents to make homes more beautiful. In addition, as we know they have a few high profile clients like NBA star Travis Hansen. So there may also be some celebrity clients in Dream Home Makeovers Season 3.

When is the third season coming?

Dream Home Makeover Season 3

The second season of the home renovation reality series premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2021. Meanwhile, regarding Dream Home Makeovers season 3, we have some good news, shortly after the release of the second season, Netflix announced the show’s renewal. for Dream Home Makeover Season 3. The upcoming third season will take place in the states of California and Utah. Speaking of the season release date, the first episode of Dream Home Makeovers Season 3 debuted on the streaming service on July 27, 2022.

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