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Where have the world’s biggest waves ever been surfed?

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For centuries, Nazaré, Portugal, was just a small village known for its fishing and dangerous seas. Then one day in 2011, professional surfer Garrett McNamara jumped on a surfboard and rode a wave of 78 feet just off the coast. It was a new world record for big wave surfing and the moment that changed Nazaré forever.

Now Nazaré is known all over the world as the capital of big wave surfing† It’s where five of the six biggest waves ever surfed. The secret of Nazaré’s gigantic waves lies beneath the surface, where a huge… underwater canyon funnels swell up to its cliffs, then launches that energy straight up, sometimes 60, 70, or 80 feet into the air. Loads of surfers are here hoping to catch a 100-foot wave and make history of surfing big waves.

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