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Where is Amanda Markert now? Her marriage, children and relationship with Pauly D

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Amanda Markert is an ex-hooters waitress turned VIP hostess better known as the baby mom of the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore star, Paul D. DelVecchio or Pauly D. Amanda and Pauly have a complicated relationship; they initially hooked up purely with the intention of a one-time thing. However, Markert had a child during that time.

The one-time couple is now parents to a daughter, despite never having a romantic relationship between them. Their timing has involved a rather thick plot. Markert’s story is more than just a waitress who once got involved with a reality star.

She’s been through quite a few dramas, from her troubled relationship with her children’s fathers to her daughter’s custody battle. Read on about what other similar accounts have to do with her. Also know who she was before she met Pauly D; exactly how the ex-couple got to know each other, and with whom, among others, Markert is now married.

Amanda Markert is from New Jersey

Amanda, real name Amareda Markert, who is from New Jersey, was born in 1988. As of 2022, she will be 34 years old. Growing up, she spent most of her time in her hometown, where she also completed her education.

The now 34-year-old mother of Pauly D’s daughter, Amanda Markert.

One of Markert’s previous Facebook handles stated that she attended Absegami High School in Absecon New Jersey, graduating in 2005. She then enrolled at Atlantic Cape Community College in Mays Landing New Jersey.

Again according to her Facebook, Markert also studies forensic psychology at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.

Amanda Markert used to work at The Hooters

As mentioned, the now 34-year-old Markert previously worked at hooters as a waitress. She was also a cocktail waitress for a while; she worked at both Hooters and Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.

Pauly D ex-girlfriend Amanda Markert worked as a waitress.
Amanda Markert, the mother of DJ and reality star, Pauly D’s daughter, Amabella.

Some believe Markert now works as a VIP bottle service hostess at the Pool After Dark nightclub in Atlantic City.

Exactly how her professional life progresses has remained quite a mystery, especially in keeping with her not-so-open to public life. On her fairly active Facebook, Amanda Lynn, Pauly D’s baby mom mainly shares photos of her family affairs; be it their gatherings, or others.

Markert and her partner Pauly D had an extremely short relationship; How did they meet?

Markert met Jersey Shore star, DJ Pauly D, sometime in mid-2012. It was at a club, a Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, where the latter was performing as a DJ.

Immediately after meeting the MTV star, Markert reportedly posted a couple of tweets mentioning her meeting with Pauly D. Shortly after they met, the two got drunk and became pregnant with a child. Markert gave birth to her daughter, Amabella Sophia Markert on May 15, 2013, with Pauly D.

Cast of MTV reality series Pauly D and VIP hostess Amanda Markert.
New Jersey-born Amanda Markert and the father of her daughter, Amanda Markert. TMZ

Sources reported at the time that that one night in Vegas was “the only time they ever got together”. After their connection, Markert is said to have left town in the morning.

Amanda and the Rhode Island-born DJ have never been in a relationship and haven’t been in all these years. In fact, Pauly didn’t know he had a daughter, Amabella, until Markert threatened to file a paternity suit against him. Understandably, the native of Providence was not there when Markert gave birth to Amabella.

Pauly D later agreed to take the DNA test and the results showed that the TV personality was indeed Amabella’s biological father. When he was a father, Pauly told US Weekly that he was overjoyed to be a father and excited to embark on the then-new journey of fatherhood.

Amanda Markert and her boyfriend Pauly D Custody Battle

Although it took a while for Pauly to know he had a daughter, Pauly D and Markert would become entangled in a rather messy custody battle some time after the discovery. The lawsuit was largely due to Markert asking for child support from DelVecchio but not wanting him to get custody.

She stated that her father, Pauly D, never wanted a child. He allegedly suggested her to have an abortion. According to Amanda, she had screenshots of some incriminating text messages from the G-Unit Records musician asking her to terminate her pregnancy. Markert, however, disagreed.

She wrote on Twitter that Pauly D did not support her financially when she gave birth to his child, other than the money he gave her, but rather it was for abortion. Markert, however, used that money for prenatal care.

She also said that she only paid for the doctor’s appointments.

All these allegations consequently caused Pauly D to fight Markert for full custody of their daughter as he also reasoned that his baby mother who had worked at Hooters was deemed unfit to raise Amabella.

In addition, he accused his baby mother of abusing their daughter for fame and fortune. Pauly went on to claim that he had Markert’s assurance that she was using birth control when they first made contact, according to Hollywood Life.

Markert lied to her ex-boyfriend by telling him that her daughter with Pauly D was his child before

In October 2013, Radar Online reported that Amanda had lied to one of her ex-partners, Donn Barbitta, and told him that the child she had from her one-night stand with Pauly D was actually his.

Apparently, Donn and Markert were living in Egg Harbor, NJ when the latter said her daughter Amabella was his daughter. Amanda’s daughter was five months old at the time.

However, Pauly D’s paternity test proved it was all lies, and Don after finding out, promptly broke up with Markert.

This move by Markert was also reportedly the reason why Pauly D never started a relationship with his baby mom, as it was previously reported that he was looking forward to some sort of association with Amanda.

Amanda Markert announced her new marriage on her now private Instagram

Markert is now married to Dan Frazier. The couple celebrated their wedding on May 1, 2021. According to some sources, Frazier and the reality star’s mother got engaged on September 25, 2020.

Amanda shared several photos from her wedding with her husband Dan on her Instagram account. Although the handle has now gone to private mode. In the now-defunct posts, Markert had also shared some photos of himself in the wedding dress, a veil and a tiara.

Pauly D's daughter Amabella with her mother, Amanda and her stepbrother;  Amanda is married to her new husband
Amanda with her and Pauly D’s daughter, Amabella, and her son from a previous relationship. facebook

However, the father of Markert’s daughter, DelVecchio, has not married. As for her baby dad, Pauly D, he is currently dating a woman named Nikki Hall. The Silver and Gold DJ and Hall began dating in July 2020 after the production of Double Shot At Love season 2.

In addition to her daughter with Pauly D, Markert is also the mother of a son from her previous relationship. She has a son, Mikey, with a man named Lance Gerbino. Markert also presumably has another child with her current husband, Frazier.

All is well now between Amanda Markert and Pauly D

Pauly D and Markert have now dropped their past differences and are now both committed to raising their daughter. The two eventually came to an agreement. However, the terms of the truce were never disclosed. Though according to Markert’s private social media, it appears she has primary custody of her daughter.

Pauly D nevertheless has an equally great involvement in raising his daughter and Amanda’s daughter.

Speaking to Us Weekly in 2018, he told the magazine that he sees his daughter very often.

“When she comes into my house, it reverberates and she’s loud, moving. It’s great, isn’t it. But when she leaves, it’s quiet. And I feel it. I’m like, oh man, I miss her.

The Back To Love singer added that it is always hard for him without his daughter in the house. However, he confirmed that they talk to each other on the phone every day, and that he is equally involved in her life.

Amanda attacked one of her children’s fathers

As it turns out, Markert also has a rather messy history before hitting the media for her link to Pauly D. According to TMZ, Markert was once arrested for assaulting Lance Gerbino, the father of her eldest son. She had previously just returned from a night out when her son’s father was caring for their child.

Her former partner, Lance, said Amanda started going crazy as soon as she got home and soon started punching him in the face with her fists.

Later, Gerbino’s facial image came with cuts on his mouth and on the side of his face. Markert turned to the police some time later. She was fired after taking an anger management course.

Amanda’s Former Partner Pauly D Is The Richest In Jersey Shore

From the time Pauly D first appeared in Jersey Shore in 2009 to the present day, he has come a long way in terms of money and fame. Everyone admits that the Teen Choice winner along with his ex-colleagues are filthy rich and that they each made some serious money during their time on the MTV reality series.

Amanda Marks Net Worth
Amanda when she was pregnant with Pauly D’s love child, Amabella.

And among them, Markert’s baby dad, Pauly D, often made headlines with each of his new arrivals on the show. Not to mention that the contracts included some significantly large numbers for a reality star. While the details never came to light, it can be said that it was big anyway as Pauly D is now estimated to have a net worth of over $20 million.

However, the stats are getting lighter on his baby mom’s side. The inaccuracy has mostly to do with her much less popular life than her daughter’s father. As a result, her net worth has always been a matter of dodgy polling.

Amanda Markert Other Facts

Although Markert is often confused for a white woman and sometimes for a Latino and Hispanic, what exactly her ethnicity is is a bit unclear. Though from the looks of her Facebook, the mother of two is more like the former.


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