Where is Eliza Roberts today? Eric Roberts’ Wife Wiki, Age, Height

Eliza Roberts is a well-known American actress and casting director, who has been married to iconic actor Eric Roberts for over three decades.

Eliza Roberts – n. Rayfield – was born under the zodiac sign Aquarius on January 23, 1953 in Los Angeles, California, turning 69 years old in early 2022. She was born an only child and was raised by her mother, Lila Garretta film producer, director and screenwriter, who is credited for her work in the action-adventure “Get Smart” and the romance film “The Other Woman” and her husband, David Rayfield, a popularly known writer famous for his contribution to the romantic movie “Sabrina” and the mystery thriller “Three Days of the Condor.”

Raised in a family deeply involved in the showbiz industry, it was natural for Eliza to develop a keen interest in acting; her parents were very helpful and took her to TV series and movie sets.

Roberts attended a local high school and acted in theater plays before entering college in 1971. However, she has not revealed where she went to college. credible sources reveal that she did not complete her education, but dropped out to pursue her dream.

Both Eliza and Eric are avid animal lovers and have kept two dogs.

Eliza would rather take care of her mental well-being than her physical one, and practices meditation and yoga daily.

When it comes to her eating habits, she prefers fruits and vegetables over animal products and once considered opening a vegan restaurant.

In her spare time, Eliza enjoys late night movies with her favorite entertainers such as Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum and Leonardo DiCaprio – some of her most beloved films are ‘Letters to Juliet’, ‘Dear John’ and ‘Titanic’, and her Favorite TV series is ‘That ’70s Show’.

Eliza’s main hobby is traveling, and she has visited many destinations, both for pleasure and work. Her favorite destinations are Kyoto in Japan, Berlin in Germany and Shanghai in China.

Roles in TV Movies

Eliza has made over 80 TV series and movie appearances.

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She debuted in 1973 with the role of Mindy in the scientific horror ‘Shlock’, directed by John Landis. Four years later, she could be seen in the movie “Terraces”, directed by her mother. She then starred in 1978’s ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’, before appearing in several other productions such as 1985’s ‘Obsessed with a Married Woman’, 1991’s ‘Crack Me Up’, 1994’s ‘Love is a Gun’. and in 1994. 1996’s “Past Perfect”, before the century ended.

In 2001, she appeared in “Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534” and in the family film “Final Approach” opposite her husband in 2005.

Before taking recent roles in the films “The Tasmanian Devil” and the comedy film “Mark & ​​Clark World Adventures”, both in 2020, she starred in several other productions such as 2010’s “Queen of the Lot” and “Out of the Open” in 2013.

Appearance of TV shows

Eliza made her first TV show in 1976, as a guest star in “All in The Family”, before being cast in 1977’s “Gimme a Break!”, and comedy “St. Elsewhere” (1986). She caught the attention of the audiences in 1993 with her lead role of Lara in the comedy “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” after which she shifted her focus to film appearances, appearing in only three other shows, namely 2015’s “Minutes After Midnight” and in the ” Scrutiny” and “Class Act” of 2019.

Career of Casting Director

In 1978, Eliza came in as the casting director of the show “Baby…I’m Back”, and also worked on 23 episodes of the comic book series “You Again?” nine years later. She also contributed to about 40 episodes of “Throb”, and Roberts has since worked on many films, such as “9½ Ninjas!” (1991) and ‘Circus’. Her more recent roles include in the 1992 film “Breaking the Rules” and in “The Wayshower” in 2011.

Eliza has been married twice; she married her first husband, James Simons, a well-known American director and producer in the 1980s; they did not disclose the exact date of their marriage – however, the duo split after three years, but during their time together they welcomed two children, the actor and musician Keaton Simons, and casting director Morgan Simons.

Eric Roberts and Eliza were shooting a movie when they met in 1991. They fell in love and tied the knot a year later in a private ceremony attended only by family and close friends. Since then, they share a seemingly happy life together without any controversy. However, the couple’s long-standing affair has been seriously threatened in the past – Eric was heavily addicted to marijuana and cocaine for years, and his addiction to the latter was so severe that Eliza threatened to divorce him if he was unwilling to quit. Fortunately, he overcame the addiction, and in an interview Eliza told Lifestyle Magazine TV about the challenging years: ‘…they (addicts) don’t really have a choice. They don’t pick anything. The joke is on them. They have already been chosen and enslaved by this substance.”

Before having an affair with Eliza, Eric had been in a relationship with the late actress Sandra D. Dennis for five years and then started another romantic affair with Kelly Cunningham. Kelly welcomed a daughter named Emma with Eric in February 1991. From early 2022, Eliza lives with Eric and they share two children.

Eliza is of white ethnicity and has green eyes and long brown hair. She is 1.57 m tall and weighs about 110lbs (50kg).

Eliza has made a name for herself and made a significant net worth from her career in the showbiz industry. She is authoritative worth approximately $1.5 million as of 2022, while her husband’s net worth is about $8 million, according to sources.

Born Eric Anthony Roberts under the zodiac sign Aries on April 18, 1956 in Biloxi, Mississippi, the famous actor is 65 years old as of 2022. He is one of America’s most in-demand performers and has starred in more than 500 projects. He was raised along with his sisters Julia Fiona and Lisa Roberts Gillan, both successful actresses, by their actress mother Betty Lou Bredemus and her acting trainer husband, Walter Grady Roberts. His parents divorced when he was barely 12, after which he went to live with his father.

Eric attracted media attention in 1978 when he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his acclaimed performance in the drama ‘King of the Gypsies’. He played notable roles in films such as 1985’s “Runaway Train,” “Nobody’s Fool” a year later, and 1991’s “By the Sword.” In 2001, he lent his voice to the animated show “Justice League”, and then appeared in the action movie “The Expendables” alongside Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone. Some of his recent roles have been in projects such as the 2016 TV show “Medinah” and the 2020 movie “Red Prophecies”.


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