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Where is Jacelyn Reeves today? What is she doing now? Wiki

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Who is Jacelyn Reeves?

Born on 21st December 1951 in Seattle, Washington State, USA, Jacelyn is known as one of Clint Eastwood’s ex-girlfriends and the mother of his children Scott and Kathryn. The former flight attendant is 1.67 m tall and weighs about 56 kg, essential statistics unknown.

Private life

Jacelyn met her first known partner, Clint, in 1984, the year the womanizer/director officially divorced his first wife Maggie Johnson. At the time, Clint had been in a committed and very public relationship with married actress Sondra Locke for nearly a decade. Jacelyn and Clint’s low-key affair resulted in the birth of their two children, Scott and Kathryn, in 1986 and 1988, respectively.

It’s not known if Jacelyn wanted to be out in public, but she apparently tolerated the actor’s overlapping relationships while they were together. A year after Kathryn’s birth, Clint divorced Sondra, with the actress filing an application palimony lawsuit despite still being married to Gordon Anderson. Then, in 1990, Clint broke up with Jacelyn after starting a new relationship with actress Frances Fisher. Jacelyn maintained a dignified silence, refusing to talk to the press about her love affair, and decided to move to Hawaii and raise her children away from the limelight. It is reported that when Scott reached adolescence, Jacelyn sent him to live with his father, and the two developed a much stronger bond.

Clint, who has declined to confirm how many children he has, is known for his talent and colorful love life, the latter generally less than “private.” In 1993, he and Frances welcomed their daughter Francesca into the world, but two years later the relationship took a natural turn. The actor surprised fans by marrying reporter and TV news anchor Dina Ruiz in 1996, but their seemingly idyllic union turned sour when Dina began filming for her reality show “Mrs Eastwood and Company.” A source close to the couple said at the time: “It is [the show] went against everything he stands for: he’s incredibly private, and she put his kids on TV… It wasn’t a happy time for them”.

Now sleeping in separate bedrooms and spending less and less time together, the former lovebirds both started dating other people, although Dina was reportedly shocked to learn that Clint had moved on. In 2014, Dina and Clint’s divorce was made official. She began dating former basketball player Scott Fisher, whom she would marry in 2016, while Clint briefly dated Scott’s ex-wife before leaving her for Christina Sandera, a hostess he met at a California hotel. The pair have been spotted together in public at various times, but it seems Clint doesn’t want to get married again any time soon.


Discovering his passion for acting at a young age, Scott made his film debut in 2006 with a role in the poignant war film “Flags of Our Fathers”. Directed by his father and based on James Bradley’s book of the same name, the film proved hugely successful at awards ceremonies and was even nominated for an Oscar in the Best Achievement in Sound Mixing category. From then on, Scott developed his talents and became something of a Hollywood powerhouse with roles in “Pride”, “An American Crime” and “Player 5150”. Showing his versatility, he also appeared in short films and TV movies, dabbling in voiceover.

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Some of Scott’s notable projects include his interpretation of Luke Collins in the 2015 rom-com “The Longest Ride”, his role as Lieutenant GQ Edwards in the 2016 blockbuster “Suicide Squad” and his minor role as Little Nobody in the eighth episode of the movie. “Fast & Furious” legend. Described by some as “part surfer, part cowboy,” Scott has previously admitted not to consider himself “very Hollywood.” It seems that the down-to-earth actor, who prefers outdoor activities and contact with nature over glitzy Hollywood parties, is enjoying the simple lifestyle he leads in Texas with Josie, his beloved dog.

In a rare interview in 2020, Scott confessed to supporting himself between roles by working as a bartender, builder and valet, adding, “I was broke, but I had a great time in my twenties. Yes , I miss those times.” That said, life hasn’t always been kind to Scott as he also revealed that his then-girlfriend died in a tragic car accident in 2014. Since then, the actor has struggled in the dating scene and keeps he prefers his romantic relationships private, apparently to save himself a possible heartbreak.


Scott’s younger sister, Kathryn, made her acting debut in 2014, with a small role in the film “Jersey Boys”a biographical drama film directed by her father and set in 1960s New Jersey.

Kathryn was 26 years old at the time and a Hollywood stranger, as evidenced by the apparent lack of information about her life up to that point. The same year, Kathryn was featured in two indie shorts, “House Slave” and “Mr. and Mrs. Muse: Retaliation”. Other projects the blue-eyed blonde has appeared in over the years include “Virus of the Dead”, “Thick Water” and “Roots of Entanglement”. The elusive blonde has virtually no social media presence, making it harder to keep up with her upcoming projects. When she was younger, she was often seen at red carpet events with her mom or dad, such as the 2009 BAFTA Awards ceremony, but she hasn’t spent the last few years in front of the cameras.

Present & Net Worth

Jacelyn found love again after her tumultuous relationship with Clint, and is currently married to Private Bell, with whom she lives in Hawaii. Today, the former flight attendant has a reclusive lifestyle, appearing in public only to support her son at awards ceremonies or movie premieres. As of 2022, Jacelyn’s net worth would exceed $100,000. Meanwhile, Clint is worth a whopping $375 million after decades of hard work in the entertainment industry, while Scott is worth over $12 million, thanks to successful projects and other revenue streams. Kathryn’s net worth is unknown.

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