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Where is Kazoo Kid now? What is Brett Ambler doing now?

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Brett Ambler, a living meme, became an internet personality in 2016 when Kazoo toy commercials, filmed in 1989, were uploaded to YouTube. Brett was the protagonist in those commercials and his unique acting opened up many doors in his career.

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Early life and family

Brett Ambler was born on December 8, 1984 in Redding, Connecticut, USA, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he is of American nationality. Brett has three siblings; he was born as a younger middle child. He moved to Boulder, Colorado with his family when he was only five years old, but hasn’t shared much about his family other than to mention that he got a lot of support from his parents when he decided to take up acting.

Educational background

Brett graduated from his local high school in Boulder in 2002 and then enrolled at the University of Richmond, where he studied rhetoric and communication. He also became a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and joined the a Capella choir titled “Choeur Du Roi”. After successfully participating in several commercials, Brett decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, so he took Michael Duran’s “Jazz and Tap” classes, and also studied in Diana Canova’s “Acting and Vocal Training” training.


Starring in Kazoo Special Friends commercials

In 1989, Brett passed the casting to join other kids’ crews to advertise a toy called “Kazoo”. The toy is basically a musical instrument that changes the voice of the person playing it, causing it to buzz and vibrate. Brett became the lead child actor of the commercials and was soon recognized as “The Kazoo Kid”.

The set of the commercials was produced by Melissa & Doug, LLC, which is now a major manufacturer of all kinds of toys: plush, wooden, musical, etc. Brett was also noticed among other children during the casting, such as Doug Bernstein, the co founder of “Lights, Camera, Interaction! Inc” (later renamed Melissa & Doug, LLC) was the son of Brett’s elementary school principal Bob Bernstein. Since the audition first took place at Brett’s school, he soon joined to the short list of child actors for the videos Brett later mentioned in one of his interviews that Melissa and Doug were very nice to him, and he really enjoyed the way his audition went as they played different games, asked him acting as different animals, singing his favorite songs, etc. Eventually, Brett and six other kids were signed on to appear in the videos.

The first promotional video, advertising the Kazoo penny trumpet, was launched on VHS cassettes in 1989 and was titled “You On Kazoo”. Another video promoting a toy microphone appeared in 1990 and was titled “Let’s Sing-Along!”. In 1991, Melissa and Doug filmed another music video, “Ring-Along, Sing-Along”, and the fourth video starring Brett, titled “If I Ran the Zoo”, came out in 1992. The entire series of commercials from the “Special Friends” series concluded with “Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever!”; Brett did not appear in the video, although he did the narrator.

Reviving the videos in 2016 and turning them into internet memes

Until 2016, Brett had quite a successful career as a stage actor with the National Repertory Orchestra.

He has also joined Actors Equity Association. Brett teaches acting at the base of STAGES St. Louis, a musical theater in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2014, he appeared in the Nebraska Lottery print commercial and the following year starred in the winter commercial campaign for Kroger Grocery Shop.

In 2016, the videos from the “Special Friends” series were somehow found and uploaded to the internet, and went viral within a few days. Many people remembered the videos, but they couldn’t accept that the star of those videos was now 42. This made the whole situation even more comical, as people started addressing Brett as “Kazoo Kid”, insisting that he was not a kid anymore and asking to be called “Kazoo Kid-Man”.

Brett Ambler

Brett became the star of memes and various discussions on Twitter, reddit, etc. He also explained the strange fact that he was talking about all the boys in the videos, while all the girls were voiced by Melissa Bernstein, which made the girls sound very strange, as they talked like a grown woman. Brett said the videos were filmed at the Pond Farm, which had a lot of wind and trucks making a loud noise, so had to overcome those issues, so dubbed all the videos in the sound studio.

Life after it became an internet meme. Where is Kazoo Kid now?

Brett admitted that he was happy that people reached out to him for his work on the “Special Friends” series, because he understood that it still looked funny and weird, making all people wonder about the details of the filming. However, he still works as a stage actor and voice actor.

He starred in the Colorado production of “The Buddy Holly Story” and landed the title role. As of 2020, he is assigned to Talent and Entertainment Agency titled Talent Pluscreating commercial and spoken audio.

Brett has worked in many theaters such as Denver Center Theater Co., BDT Stage, Theater IV’s Empire Theater, etc. He was featured as Fidele in the production “Death Takes A Holiday”, performed on the stage of Arvada Center for the Arts . Brett also landed the part of Miles in Barkesdale Theater’s production “The Drawer Boy”, and Stage 1 Theater Company invited Brett to play the part of Johnny in their production of “tick…tick…BOOM!”. Brett said he really enjoyed playing Emmett Forrest’s character in the Arvada Center for the Arts production of “Legally Blonde,” playing the successful lawyer who became the inspirational boyfriend of the play’s protagonist, Elle Woods. , an aspiring legal apprentice.


Posted by Brett Ambler On Friday January 2, 2009

Personal life, wife Amanda

Brett started dating his current wife in 2010. They both work at the STAGES musical theater in St. Louis. Amanda holds the position of creative director there; she also acts as a theater teacher. Brett and Amanda like to carve pumpkins for Halloween and turn their hobby into a contest. They also like to watch different TV series together. Brett and Amanda got engaged on September 17, 2018 and Brett shared the photo on his Twitter profile of the engagement ring he handed to Amanda. The married couple married on February 5, 2019.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Brett did what Taekwon Do and can juggle. He speaks numerous accents and dialects, including Canadian, Scottish, New York and Boston. Since he took Spanish as a minor in college, he also speaks Spanish and Mexican dialects.

Although Brett is strongly associated with Kazoo, he can play many other musical instruments. He started out playing guitar, ukulele and mandolin, and later learned how to play drums, hand percussion, double bass and even flute. Brett once wanted to get another specialization and studied to work as a massage therapist. He has a driver’s license, but doesn’t like driving because the traffic makes him very nervous.

Appearance, clothing style

Brett has salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. He is 1.78 m tall and weighs about 81 kg. As for his clothing style, he likes to wear T-shirts with prints from the “Special Friends” commercials, but at work he prefers classic suits and shirts. His favorite color in clothes is light blue.

Wealth and salary

As of 2020, Brett would have a net worth of more than $500,000

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