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Where is Keisha Morris now? All about Tupac Shakur’s ex-wife

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Keisha Morris is an American actress who appeared in the movie The bag man. She became famous after she tied the knot with the American rapper Tupac Shakur. By the way, her ex-husband Tupac is also known as a criminal law student.

Her former husband Tupac was one of the most influential music artists of all time. He not only showcased the HipHop/Rap culture, but also represented himself as an advocate for the black community throughout his music career. Sadly, hip-hop star Tupac was killed in a 1966 drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. His murder somehow remained a mystery.

Apart from that, his life was also mysterious as not much is known about his personal life. He also never revealed much about his ex-wife. Although the marriage only lasted a few months, his fans are curious to know more about her. Here you will find more details about Keisha Morris including her love life, how she met Shakur, their cause of divorce and much more. Stay until the end to find out other interesting facts about her!

The Early Life and Details of Keisha Morris

Famous husband Keisha Morris is currently 48 years old as of 2022. She was born on November 10, 1974 in The Bronx, New York. She was born into an African American family and is a US citizen. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Speaking of her family, the famous husband continues to be tight-lipped about her family details. She has not yet revealed anything about her parents and sibling.


Former famous woman Keisha completed her education in her hometown. She later completed her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College in New York City.

In addition, she revealed in an interview that in September 1996 she also decided to pursue her master’s degree in criminal justice. However, she was unable to complete her studies because of her ex-husband’s murder case.

How did Keisha Morris first meet Tupac?

In an interview, Keisha revealed that she was only 20 years old while Tupac was 21 years old when they first met. At the time, Tupac was in the process of filing a lawsuit over charges of sexual assault.

They met in June 1994 at a club called Chippendale’s club which is now known as ‘Capitoline New York’. She revealed it was Father’s Day and there was a huge crowd. They danced together but did not talk for a long time. She also said he wanted to have a chat, but she left the club early.

Keisha Morris was 20 years old when she first met Tupac

They next met at another nightclub called Tunnel, where Tupac immediately recognized it and asked her:

“Weren’t you the girl who wore the black dress and talked to me for five minutes? I’ve been looking for you for a month.”

She revealed that it was very hard for her to believe it, but he remembered everything they were talking about. Then Tupac gave his contact number. Keisha eventually agreed to meet him in the lobby and slowly the couple started seeing each other now and then.

Keisha tied a knot with Tupac while behind bars

As mentioned before, Tupac went through his high profile process while seeing his future wife Keisha Morris. Shortly after the music star proposed to his girlfriend, he was found guilty of his case and sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

Despite Tupac having a gangsta personality and jail time, it didn’t stop Keisha from standing by his side. She decided to stay with her boyfriend Tupac during his most difficult time, namely during his trial.

Tupac Shakur's wife Keisha Morris was in a relationship for years before she got married
Tupac Shakur and Keisha Morris married four months after Tupac was sentenced to prison.

After four months in prison, Tupac decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend Keisha. The couple exchanged vows on April 29, 1995. She pronounced that (for him) it was more like,

“I want people to take you seriously and let them know you’re my wife.

She made sure that her husband would not feel alone during his most difficult time. The star’s wife came to visit regularly so that he could get out of his cell. She would make sure someone would be there if she couldn’t make it.

Who is Keisha Morris’ husband, Tupac Shakur?

Keisha’s former husband Tupac Shakur is a well-known American rapper known for his music as Me against the world, diamond, all eyes on me, and much more. Tupac aka Lesane Parish Crooks was born on June 16, 1971 in New York City to his parents Afeni Shakur and Billy Garland.

He used 2pac as his stage name and was one of the best selling music artists. His 75 music records were sold worldwide, which is why he was also regarded as one of the most influential music artists. In addition to his musical career, he also worked for the black community as an activist and represented himself as one of the artists from the black community.

Why did the couple part their ways?

Although Keisha stood by her husband’s side during his most difficult time, something went wrong between them. The couple broke up just after ten months of their marriage. They divorced in 1996.

Keisha revealed that things changed when he was released from prison in October 1995. She said he didn’t make her feel much more important in his life. She said,

“Things changed when he got bail, and I felt like I wasn’t needed anymore.

Keisha further said,

“It was not a good feeling. I just felt, wow, okay, it was over. Like: Okay, I don’t need you anymore. I get out. That is it.”

She also said in the aforementioned interview that Tupac and Keisha were both frustrated with the situation at the time. Keisha had sacrificed a lot, including her job and education, so she could support her husband. But Tupac always took their frustration out on Keisha. The situation became very difficult for her and so she decided to get out of the relationship for the best.

Keisha Morris and ex-partner Tupac were still in touch until his murder

Keisha and Tupac maintained their relationship as a friend even after their divorce. They had just met on the MTV award show for a few days before he was killed. She said he texted her and said:

“Keisha, I’m in New York. Call me. I’m at Hotel Nikko. I want you to come here.”

The former famous husband revealed that even though they divorced, she was still Mrs. Shakur to him. She went on to say that he just wanted to lie down. They had no intimacy of any kind. The next morning he was still asleep and she wouldn’t wake him. She said it was the last time she saw him. She also revealed that she should have woken him that day.

What does Keisha do after Tupac’s death?

Keisha Morris quit her acting career and started working as an educator after Tupac’s death. She reveals that she has moved on, teaching the younger generation about injustice and inequality.

She is also a vocal campaigner against social injustices and tackles gender and race prejudice.

Keisha had no children with her ex-husband

The former couple had no children together. However, Keisha revealed in an interview that Tupac was very serious about his and Keisha’s relationship. He also wanted children with her and revealed that,

“Tupac picked names he wanted to move to Arizona and named our daughter star and our son Michelangelo.”

Unfortunately, the couple could not have children. However, Keisha is now the mother of her two children. She gave birth to her child from another man after her divorce from Tupac.

Children of Keisha Morris
Image of Tupac with his mother and reported daughter

Furthermore, it is also believed that Tupac had a child from his previous relationship. It was revealed after a girl named Jaycee Shakur claimed herself as the daughter of famed music star Tupac Shakur.

Keisha Morris’ Net Worth

She has been able to amass quite a fortune in her career. She is reported to have a net worth of $6 million as of 2022.

Speaking of her former husband’s net worth, Tupac had amassed a net worth of $40 million at the time of his death.

Is Keisha available on social platforms?

The former celebrity husband likes to stay away from the media and the limelight. Keisha is quite inactive on social media platforms as she doesn’t like to divulge much about her personal life. She is currently not available on social platforms.


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