Home Life style Where is Larry Hankin today? Net worth, wife, family

Where is Larry Hankin today? Net worth, wife, family

Where is Larry Hankin today?  Net worth, wife, family

Larry Michael Hankin is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, director and artist, most likely known for his role as Charley Butts in “Escape From Alcatraz”. Among the younger generation, however, he will be best known for his role as Old Joe in “Breaking Bad”. But in his career as an actor spanning more than five decades, Larry has played many roles and a wide variety of performances. What people wonder the most is where Larry Hankin is now. If so, read on as we discuss this veteran actor’s career and future plans.

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Early life and family

Larry was born on August 31, 1940 and will turn 80 later this year. He is a native New Yorker who was born and raised in ‘The Big Apple’, but unfortunately not much else is known about his childhood or about his closest relatives. It is not even known who his parents were, but they are probably no longer alive. Being a veteran himself, it’s no surprise that his earliest history would be covered in dust and mystery.

Educational background

As much as Larry’s childhood is a mystery, so is the history of his earliest education. However, it is known that Larry was a graduate of Syracuse University in upstate New York, where he attended along with fellow artists and lifelong friends Carl Gottlieb and Frank Langella. With a degree in industrial design, Larry is a multi-talented artist who started his career in the entertainment industry as an illustrator before turning to acting.

Larry Hankin


After graduating, Larry settled in New York City’s Greenwich Village with his friend Carl Gottlieb, the writer behind the movie “Jaws,” and started stand-up comedy at local coffeehouses.

He went on to do opening acts for legends like Woody Allen and Miles Davis, gaining some notoriety among the Greenwich crowd. From there, he traveled to Chicago where he joined “Second City,” but he didn’t stay long and left with six other members of the comedy club to start a new act in San Francisco. It was called ‘The Committee’ and was mostly an improv comedy.

After his success as a comedian, Larry traveled to Los Angeles, where he was a bit unlucky, homeless before being discovered as an actor. Penny Marshal cast Larry in a dance act on “Laverne and Shirley”, and from there he became a working actor in Hollywood.

Fans have plenty to be thankful for regarding Larry’s discovery, as he played a wide variety of memorable characters. His first major film credit was with Clint Eastwood in 1979 in “Escape From Alcatraz”, since then he has appeared in numerous comedic and dramatic roles on television.

Larry invested his first major salary in a gamble to produce “Solly’s Diner,” a short film he wrote, directed, and starred in. His gamble paid off, and the film was nominated for an Academy Award.

Larry has since starred in over 150 films and shows, including the memorable character Mr Heckles in “Friends,” Monica and Ross’ downstairs neighbor. He has also appeared in shows such as “Seinfeld”, “Star Trek Voyager”, “CSI”, and in most recent times, “Breaking Bad” and the original Netflix movie “El Camino”. He also appeared in “Home Alone” as Officer Balzak.

Larry has recently used YouTube as a new medium, uploading his own short films depicting the life of Emmet Deemus, in a number of different settings. He has also written a book of satire and a few other publications. Apart from this, Larry also makes a living as a photographer and painter and sells most of his productions through his own dedicated website ‘The Real Larry Hankin’.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Not much is known about Larry’s personal preferences.

Even his Facebook page remains vague about the details of his likes and dislikes, but in a interview on YouTube, Larry mentioned that he has ADHD. He also mentioned that, like the character Emmet, Larry had been a motorcyclist for some time in his youth.


Larry’s past, as well as present, romantic involvement has been kept secret and is safely hidden from public knowledge. It is not known whether he was ever married, nor does he have any children. To date, it is suspected that Larry only and has had little to no relationships.

Physical Characteristics

  • Date of Birth: August 31, 1940
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Height: 1.93 m
  • Weight: 147.7 lb (67 kg)
  • Shoe size: Unknown
  • Zodiac sign Virgo
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Net value

As an actor, writer, producer and director, Larry has been estimated to bring in net value of over $400,000 as of 2020.