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Where’s Lily Weinstein? All about Harvey Weinstein’s daughter

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Lily Weinstein, also known as Remy Lily Weinstein, is an American personality, who is best known as the daughter of infamous film producer Harvey Weinstein. She is the eldest of four children born to Harvey with his first wife Eve Chilton.

Born into an elite family, Lily has lived with all the luxury and respect since childhood, but things changed in 2017 after numerous sexual accusations against her father. Since then, she’s restrained herself and rarely comes out in public. So, where is she now? What profession does she practice?

In this article, we are going to explore some untold facts about her career, relationship and much more.

Lily Weinstein belongs to a first-class family

Lily Weinstein, also known as Remy Lily Weinstein, was born on February 20, 1995 in New York. As we mentioned earlier, she is the daughter of father Harvey Weinstein and mother Eve Chilton. As of 2022, she will be 27 years old.

Born and raised in a wealthy family, Remy had a luxurious childhood. In fact, she has an elite ancestral background. Besides her father who once dominated the film industry as a producer, her grandparents also have a strong background.

Lily Weinstein with her stepmother Georgina Chapman
Lily Weinstein with her stepmother Georgina Chapman

Well, her maternal grandfather, Thomas M. Chilton, was a successful businessman and financial lawyer in law, with clients spread across Boston, Nantucket, and Vineyard. Likewise, Lily’s great-grandfather Edmund Randolph was the United States’ first Attorney General.

Likewise, her great-great-grandfather was the founder of Hunton and Williams, the first-ever global law firm. In addition, the family has also been part of a number of prestigious clubs such as The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Lily Weinstein has two younger sisters

Well, she’s not her parents’ only child. Instead, she has two younger siblings, Ruth Weinstein and Emma Weinstein. While Emma was born on February 2, 1998, the youngest of them all, Ruth was born on October 31, 2002.

Both of her sisters are now all grown up and like all siblings, they have a great relationship with each other. Unfortunately, they hardly ever perform in public together.

Both Remy Lily Weinstein’s Parents Have Been Married Twice

Both Lily’s father and mother have been married twice. Her biological father Harvey and mother Eve married in 1987. The former couple reportedly met in 1986, when Eve worked as an assistant for Harvey at his company Miramax. Shortly after the first meeting, they dated for a year before walking down the aisle.

The ex-duo had a marital relationship for over 15 years before things turned sour between them. They eventually broke up in 2003 and their divorce was finalized in 2004.

Lily Weinstein's Parents Eve Chilton Weinstein & Harvey Weinstein
Lily Weinstein’s Parents Eve Chilton Weinstein & Harvey Weinstein

After the split, Lily’s mother Eve married Sal Martirano. The couple is still married and living a quiet life in New York City.

Likewise, Harvey married an English actress and fashion designer Georgina Chapman. They married in 2007 and split on October 10, 2017, shortly after his news of sexual harassment hit the media. They finally had their divorce in July 2021.

Her father was convicted of sexual harassment

Lily Weinstein’s father, Harvey Weinstein, has been convicted of several sex crimes. The first allegation of sexual abuse against Harvey, dating back to the late 1970s, came to the media in October 2017. Soon, by the end of October, more than 80 women accused him of various types of sexual harassment, leading to his dismissal from his company.

According to New York Times reports, he was also charged with sexual harassment, assault and rape. Finally, on February 24, 2020, the court charged him with one charge of first-degree sexual abuse and one of third-degree rape.

The former film producer was sentenced to 23 years in prison at the Wende Correctional Facility.

Lily Weinstein has disowned her father after the accusation

Well, Lily along with Harvey’s other two daughters, Emma and Ruth… reportedly severed ties with their father† In fact, all three siblings disowned their father after his sexual conviction.

Lily Weinstein denied her father after he was convicted of sex crimes
Remy Lily Weinstein with her father Harvey Weinstein

According to Harvey’s lawyer, Lily and her siblings cut off contact with their father after the #MeToo trial, where several women accused him of brutal sexual abuse. Speaking to Mail online, the attorney stated:

His eldest daughters don’t talk to him. So I mean, it’s horrible. The ripple effect of someone losing their freedom goes beyond what we can comprehend. He has seen the younger children all their lives. They live next door to each other, he has a good relationship with his younger children.

Is Remy Lily Weinstein Married or Dating a Boyfriend?

As of 2022, Remy is not married and she also seems to have no plans to tie the knot. Speaking of her love affairs, there are no reports of her romantic relationships.

Apparently Harvey’s oldest daughter Remy has been single. However, it is very possible that she is just trying to keep her love life and boyfriend away from the media. Anyway, we would love to see her marry a perfect partner of her choice.

Where is Lily Weinstein now? Is she on social media?

Since the court convicted Lily’s father for sexual misconduct, Lily has avoided direct contact with the media. The last time the media covered her was in October 2017 at her home in LA, which was recently after she called 911 about her ‘suicidal’ father.

She’s also not on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, which makes it even harder to trace her whereabouts.


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