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Which BTS star has had plastic surgery? Rumors, speculations, expert opinions and facts!

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BTS is one of the most famous boy bands in the history of the K-Pop Industry. They have established themselves as one of the most influential music idols in the world. With a dedicated army around the world, BTS stars have always managed to stay on trend for their music, style, the way they carry themselves and their looks. And one of the main topics that fans are constantly talking about whether their good looks are natural or a product of Plastic Surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries under the top stars of the K-pop entertainment industry are quite common. And recently there were rumors of BTS stars undergoing plastic surgery. Although there is very little evidence that the BTS stars undergo plastic surgery.

The capital of South Korea, Seoul is the heart of the K-Pop industry and the capital of plastic surgery. So it is possible that most of the BTS members have had some sort of adjustments in their appearance. So read on to find out if the rumors of BTS idols undergoing plastic surgery are true or not.

Has BTS Star Jungkook Recently Had Plastic Surgery?


Rumors about BTS member Jungkook undergoing plastic surgery are flying around unbelievably. As reported by Digital Music News, most of the BTS members including Jungkook have undergone minor facial changes. The expert’s opinion from the report suggested that Jungkook has undergone some nose jobs. However, he also shed light on other factors, such as weight gain and growth-related changes that can cause facial variations.

Some BTS fans also believe that Jungkook has undergone eye widening surgery as well. However, under all the speculation, the BTS star and HYBE entertainment have refrained from commenting on plastic surgery rumors. So it’s not confirmed whether the BTS star actually had cosmetic surgery. However, there is nothing wrong with subtle changes in your appearance if you are as famous and wealthy as the BTS idols.

Confirmed News About BTS Star RM Having A Plastic Surgery

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RM is the only BTS star whose plastic surgery rumors have been confirmed. However, he revealed that he had not undergone surgery for cosmetic purposes. According to Big Hit Entertainment, RM was experiencing breathing problems due to a deviated septum. For example, the idol had to undergo plastic surgery to have it repaired in 2018.

The culture for cosmetic procedures is quite common in South Korea. An article by Zara Stone in 2013 revealed that one in five South Korean women undergo some type of plastic surgery. So it is quite common to have your facial expression repaired in the country. Also, neither the rumors nor the confirmations about BTS stars undergoing plastic surgery have affected the fans of the K-Pop boy band.

Beverly Hills Expert Surgeon Suggests Most of J-Hope’s Appearance Changes


A cosmetic surgery expert agreed to analyze the photos of BTS stars for Digital Music News. Speaking of J-Hope, the surgeon revealed that the BTS star must have undergone several cosmetic procedures. In addition, the doctor said that J-Hope’s face does not resemble the conventional Asian face. The expert had spent years working in Asia, researching plastic surgery centers such as Seoul. That’s why he believes that J-Hope is the one with the most surgeries.

V and Jimin are the divine beauties of BTS

Meanwhile, expert plastic surgeons have always talked about V’s big beautiful eyes. They also claim that eyes like his are nearly impossible to recreate. He has large eyes that open in all directions, large eyelashes of a unique color and large white pupils. The Beverly Hills expert believes that V has not undergone cosmetic procedures on his face. He is one of the most handsome BTS members and requires no facial adjustments at all.

Meanwhile, according to another Tik-Tok video from American Surgeon, Jimin is one of the rare celebrities who appear to have undergone plastic surgery. But in reality, they don’t because of the beautiful, gifted qualities. The Beverly Hills expert believed that Jimin has a naturally attractive face among many K-Pop stars. He stated that it must be quite small if he had surgery to make minor changes to his nose. At the end of the day, the mystery still remains if these incredibly talented BTS idols opted for plastic surgery.

Some rumors have turned out to be true, while others were just speculation. Although K-Pop stars undergoing plastic surgery are fairly common. But it conflicts with the BTS’s idea of ​​self-acceptance. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Jin and Suga are undergoing plastic surgery, but so far no hard facts have emerged. So while it was also the most famous talking point for the BTS military, the fandom of the stars continues to take off.


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