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Who is Deon Cole’s wife? His marriage relationships, girlfriends and more

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Deon Cole is a well-known comedian, actor and writer who has been making us laugh for years. After honing his skills as a stand-up comedian, Deon began appearing in various TV shows and movies. He quickly rose to fame and became a fan favorite for his quick wit and hilarious stories. Not only that, but he’s best known for his role as the hilarious co-worker Charlie in Black-ish.

But fans of Deon are clamoring to learn more about his past and current love life. He has been linked to several famous people such as Amber Rose and Khloé Kardashian. It is also rumored that he is married and has a wife and a son.

So who is the truth? Is he in a marital relationship? Discover all the details here.

Who is Deon Cole’s wife?

The Blackish star Deon is not married and currently has no wife. That said, he got married on screen. In one of the episodes of Black-ish called “My Work-Friend’s Wedding” he married Vivica A. Fox. Speaking of this episode, he wrote on Insta that it was the most exciting episodes he’s ever done,

For me, this is one of our best episodes we’ve shot. So funny, so funny, so funny. If you don’t smile at least once, I’ll give you your money back.

Deon Cole is a father to a son?

In addition to Deon’s successful career, Deon is also a devoted father to his son, Dylan Cole. Not much is known about Deon’s relationship with his child as he tends to keep his personal life private. However, it is clear that Deon is a devoted and loving father who takes his role as a parent seriously.

Moreover, Deon does not fail to wish his son on his birthday. In 2015, he posted a Twitter message wishing Dylan his birthday, where he wrote:

“Happy birthday to the love of my life! “Happy birthday to the love of my life! My son Dylan! Thanks for posting me and my work! It’s all for you! Love you forever!”

In 2018, while performing in Conan, he stated that his son had demanded a Bugatti on his 16th birthday. Moreover, during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show in February 2020, he opened up that his son might be having sex. In a statement he said,

I think he’s having sex now. Because he suddenly became cool. There’s something about sex that just smooths you out, you know? He used to be a nerd. He was like, ‘Hey, Daddy! Let’s go get pizza!’ And one day I went into a role for two weeks and came back. I was like, “Let’s go get pizza,” and he said, “Why don’t you bring me back a slice?”

Deon with his son Dylan Cole
Deon with his son Dylan Cole

In addition, in many of his interviews, Deon has shown concern for his son and talked about the importance of fatherhood and the role fathers play in their children’s lives. He has stated that he wants to be a positive influence on his son and be there for him every step of the way. His son also recently turned 20. Dean claims his son is “well into his adulthood and couldn’t be prouder”.

As much as we’d love to know, Dylan’s maternal identity is currently unknown as Deon Cole prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight.

Did Deon Cole date Amber Rose?

Cole and Rose star as ex-partners on the show Blackish. In fact, they’ve even kissed on screen, which has led to fan speculation that the two could have dated in the past. In some social media circles, this rumor gained momentum. Fans have speculated for years about the nature of their relationship, with many wondering if there’s more to it between the two.

Deon Cole kisses Amber Rose on screen
Deon Cole and Amber Rose on the hit show Black-ish

However, it’s important to remember that just because two people kiss on screen doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in a romantic relationship. None of the major reputable news sources have reported on this rumor. Further, it’s more likely that it was just the need of the script and they don’t date in real life.

Deon Cole Says Why Khloé Kardashian Didn’t Want To Date Him?

In an interview on YouTube, Deon enjoyed not dating Khloé because “his shirt” is too baggy. The other interviewers try to stir up rumors by claiming that Deon isn’t a big fan of plastic surgery, but Deon says he’s fine with plastic surgery as long as it’s not too much and the person is honest about it. However, it should be noted that this was pure banter between Deon and the interviewers.

Deon Cole girlfriend 2023?

Now let’s talk about Deon’s current love life. The comedian is currently single. In an interview with Vulture, Deon revealed that he has been focusing on his career and being a good father and has not had time to date. However, he did not rule out finding love in the future.

Despite his busy schedule, Deon has made it clear that he is open to the idea of ​​settling down and starting a family. In the same interview, he stated that he is “absolutely” interested in having more children one day.

So there you have it, a look at Deon Cole’s past and current relationships. It’s clear that this talented comedian has a lot of love to give in the future. So ladies, if you’re single and ready to mingle, Deon could be your man!


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