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Who is Hannah Gross? aka Debbie on ‘Mindhunter’ – Biography

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As the child of parents in the acting and production industry, it seems inevitable that she would end up on screen. However, without her perseverance and practice, she would not have earned the fame she has today. Hannah Gross is a Canadian actress, who has played both supporting and lead roles in several films and even appeared on stage for a short period. Despite her relatively prolific work in the industry, Gross earned her reputation and broke into the mainstream for her portrayal of crime-fighting sidekick Debbie Mitford, in the hit Netflix crime series “Mindhunter”.

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Early life and family

Hannah Gross was born on September 25, 1990 in Ontario, Canada; she is the daughter of Paul Gross and Martha Burns, and the younger sister of Jack Gross. Looking at her parents, it seems that some of her future can be guessed – Paul Gross is a credited actor, producer and writer, most recently featured in “Tales of the City” (2019) . Her mother is equally anchored in the industry, appearing in “Moon Dog” (2018) and even has a string of production and directing credits to her name, such as “Robin and Mark and Richard III” (2016). However, it wasn’t always clear that Gross would follow in her parents’ footsteps; she was an unusually shy child, who avoided the limelight.

Gross had a childhood steeped in adventure. She would visit her often grandmother, who grew up in Alberta, Canada. The two would go on long walks and hunt for bones, which developed and nurtured a deep interest in archeology for Gross. Hannah also developed a love for theater and film when she received a VHS copy of “The Matrix” at the age of nine. She has watched the film over and over and to this day holds a special place in her heart. She and a friend even worked at Hooters after getting their bartending licenses – needless to say Gross hated the job and was relieved when she was finally able to break into the entertainment industry.

Hannah Gross


Hannah Gross attended the Trisch School of the Arts, which exists under the auspices of New York University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater and, as an indication of her eccentricity, took a minor in religious studies. Gross’s theater degree served her well, as she would later perform on stage and even direct a play of her own.


Theater and film

Hannah got her first movie role in 2002, playing an uncredited role in “Men with Brooms”. She played several other minor roles in the following years, but eventually landed a slightly larger role in “Drei Madchen” in 2005.

Because her acting career took so long to get off the ground, she took a temporary break from the screen and pursued other acting opportunities.

Following the path she laid by studying theater,,Grote set her sights on the podium. Almost immediately, her efforts were rewarded with prominent roles and recognition. She played Katie in the Young Center for the Performing Arts’ “Doc” in 2010, and then went on to land coveted roles in both “Talk to me Like the Rain” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” in 2012, which she also directed, leading her to gained a rounded perspective on the acting industry.

After her brief internship, Hannah Gross returned to the screen in 2013, where she landed her first major screen roles. She played Abby, a co-lead in the movie “I Used to be Darker”, and her first lead in the titular role in “Lydia Hoffman, Lydia Hoffman”. Now established in the industry and gaining recognition, Gross was contracted to appear in increasingly larger roles in the following years.

In 2017, Hannah Gross landed the role that would skyrocket her quest for fame when she was cast as Debbie Mitford in “Mindhunter”, the Netflix TV series. This was a role that required gravitas and excellent skills, which Gross delivered both with professionalism and confidence.

She received several awards for the role and it turned out to be a pivotal moment in her career. Gross played well-known roles on the hit series “The Sinner” and “Deadwax” both in 2018, then played young Penny Fleck in “The Joker.”

Private life

If Hannah Gross is in a romantic relationship, she has done an excellent job of keeping the public in the dark. Gross leads a life as private as possible for a celebrity, avoiding talking to the media about her personal life.

As far as can be ascertained, Gross is not romantically involved with anyone, not even narrating Interview magazine in 2007 that “Women in their mid-20s should never be seriously involved in dating.” As Gross is in her late twenties, we can now see her start dating.


Hannah Gross is 1.7 m tall and weighs 55 kg. While the length of her hair ranges from a bob to longer than shoulder length, it can be described as a medium brown shade, although it can appear redder at times.

She has blue eyes and a slim figure. Hannah likes to outfit herself in stylish clothes, a byproduct of her love of shopping, and has used her looks to dabble in the modeling business – although she considers this just a hobby.

Net worth and salary

By this stage, Gross has appeared in over 25 feature films, multiple plays and more recently in TV series. While her salary for these jobs has not been disclosed, Gross has certainly made enough money to live a comfortable and luxurious life. Hannah Gross has an estimated net worth of over $1 million as of 2020.


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