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Who is Hayden Markowitz from Season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise”?

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Tonight, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET, ABC aired Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 11. Hayden Markowitz, from Georgia, was spotted on the program this week. Using his date card, the famous real estate agent took Kate Gallivan on a date. Hayden Markowitz, a 29-year-old leisure manager, wants to meet a partner who accepts both him and his golden retriever, Rambo.

He was on season 19 of The Bachelorette (Gabby and Rachel’s season), but was forced to leave the program after numerous “ugly disagreements” in week 4. He had publicly compared the women to his ex-girlfriend, referring to Gabby as “rough around the edges.”

Hayden Markowitz, a Bachelor in Paradise rookie, “don’t want to take life seriously.”

Hayden Markowitz was born in Savannah, Georgia. He attended the University of Mississippi and the University of Central Florida. He now lives in Florida and is the CEO of Resident 30A Rental Properties. Hayden has worked for several years as a real estate agent for organizations such as Michael Saunders & Company and The Premier Property Group. According to his Bachelor in Paradise profile, he is proud of his Southern heritage and “don’t want to take life seriously.” He also likes to play golf. Hayden said in his profile that his dog Rambo is his main focus. The 29-year-old loves to plan lavish outings for his loved ones.

Hayden Markowitz

What Happened in Season 8 Episode 11 of Bachelor in Paradise?

According to the delivery description:

“A slew of newcomers to paradise have arrived, eager to turn on the charm and crank the fire! More than one couple will be left wondering when these young guys are handing out date cards. Elsewhere, some of the beach’s strongest relationships will be tested; but will they be able to work things out, or will confused signals spell the end for the troubled couples?

Hayden used his date card to invite Kate on a date this week on Bachelor in Paradise. Logan tried to persuade Kate not to go on a date, but he preferred that she explore her relationship on Paradise Beach. Kate was injured, so she accepted to go out with Hayden. The two took to strumming, though Kate was concerned about Hayden’s fear of the pastime. During their date, Hayden told Kate how he had spent thousands of dollars saving his dog from a brain tumor. This surprised Kate because she believed that his priorities in life were skewed. Kate said she didn’t have a lot of money in her house.

Hayden Markowitz

Hayden then accused Gabby and Rachel of not being serious during their time on the program, which surprised her. She saw why Logan had such conflicting feelings about Hayden and began to admire her past connection. Logan didn’t see Hayden as a danger when he came and told the other cast members that he had an awkward encounter with The Bachelorette. Hayden went on to claim that when he told Gabby she was “rude”, he was only referring to the fact that he’d dated more serious women than her.

He also claimed that he was playing with other guys when he mentioned his ex’s appearance, and that he couldn’t clearly remember the episode. Kate couldn’t believe what Hayden was saying and thought she’d made a big mistake by showing up that day.


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