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who is IG star with 2.7 million followers?

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Jem Wolfie is a fitness model, personal trainer and chef born on August 7, 1991 in Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia. She is known as a successful content creator for Instagram and OnlyFans.

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Early life and family

Jem was born the second of three children in her family – one brother is a year older and her younger brother is five years younger than her. The names of the members of her family are not known, but her father is known to be of Czechoslovak descent.

Jem’s mother is also known to be a fitness fan and her daughter’s main inspiration. Jem talked about her parents in an interview: ‘I’m going to buy my mother her dream car and I’m going to make sure that my parents are personally cared for by me for the rest of their lives.’

Jem’s family moved from Darwin to Perth, a larger and more vibrant city, when she was two years old. Even if Perth isn’t Wolfie’s hometown, she says ‘I love Perth and I’m not leaving Perth, I don’t see myself anywhere else’.

There is no information about Jem’s early education, but she started playing basketball when she was nine years old, and excelled at it. She played the sport at a competitive level in the Western Australian Basketball League as an adult, but suffered a knee injury that required surgery and spent a long time in rehab, so she stopped playing the sport competitively, and now practices it. only casually.


Vegan Chef

After her admission to high school, Jem started her chef practice at “Feral”.

Working there 70 hours a week, she quickly excelled in the trade. When she finished her practice, she joined “Taylor’s Café”, but Jem soon discovered that the life of a professional chef was not for her. Despite the situation that caused Jem to quit the job, she said restaurant owner Caroline Taylor is one of her biggest inspirations: “She pushed and encouraged me to start my own business, making raw, healthy vegan treats.” .

Seeking more opportunities to grow as a professional, Jem started posting photos to Instagram of her healthy recipes in 2013: ‘It was going crazy – so many locals, cafes and even gyms were ordering pies and my raw, protein-happy balls’.

Jem Wolfie

Thanks to the approval Jem received from her recipes, she opened her own vegan restaurant called “Good Eats” in Perth, which offered vegan and healthy menus. However, the restaurant closed in 2018.

Fitness – Instagram

At the same time that Jem started sharing her recipes on Instagram, she also started sharing her gym routines and workout online, gaining a huge following on the social media platform. At the time, she had already retired from professional basketball and thought her workout posts were a good way to keep herself physically active: “I started posting a lot of workout videos on Instagram, not just to motivate myself to get better and train more often, but hopefully to inspire others to do the same’.

As she steadily gained a following, several sports brands reached out to her to promote their products, but Jem wanted to differentiate herself from other influencers and chose to approach the situation in her own way: “I made it very, very clear.” to almost all the brands I work with from the beginning that, ‘I don’t want you to send me boxes and boxes of supplements or a whole load of leggings, I want to get paid’.

Jem’s motivation to create unique content is what sets her apart from others. Her biggest fan base is made up of straight young men and fitness fans, but as she started to incorporate her love of basketball into her posts, she has also attracted players from various sports.

When her videos went viral, she was approached by Atlantic Records to promote their artists’ songs: ‘Let’s say Atlantic Records has Cardi B’s new song to push, they’ll say, ‘Jem, we want you this on your next video’, and when Cardi’s team approves it, I’ll hit ‘post’.

Noticing that her fitness content was getting confused with her regular content, Jem decided in 2016 to create a secondary Instagram account, where she can share her work as a fitness trainer. On this account, she also promotes her eB books and recipes, as well as her workout routines.

She is still active on her main account and is constantly sharing content on it.

However, she has tried to maintain a different image in this one, restraining herself from sharing training content and instead focusing on sharing photos of her daily life, her work as a model and the promotions of brands. She has also recently started her own brand called “shopwolfgang”, which showcases sporty clothes designed by her.

Explicit Content Creator – Fans Only

In August 2018, Jem Wolfie decided to: become a content creator on OnlyFans – on this subscription media site, creators offer their exclusive services and content to their subscribers, who are called “fans”. Jem stated, “I wanted to bring more exclusive content to my fans and make them pay for it because I believed my content was of value.”

The website’s founder, Tim Stokely, has spoken of Wolfie’s success on the site: “Jem currently has the highest number of fans, with approximately 10,000 paying $15 a month to view her content.” The audience she’s gathered on this site has led her to gain more economic benefits than Instagram: “Because the content is exclusive compared to that on Instagram, Jem has made over $2 million since joining OnlyFans in August.” came,” Stokely said in 2019.

Even if Jem’s content on OnlyFans is exclusive and aimed at an adult audience, she’s made sure to stick to a limit and not share photos of herself completely naked. About this, Jem has stated: ‘People complain and say ‘Where’s the nudity’ but where do you go from there – you’re in full porn before you know it’.

Private life

Since Jem does not share her personal life on social media, there is no information about her romantic relationships or past partners. Athletes and other famous men are said to have tried to get into a relationship with her, but Wolfie isn’t not very interested in the money a famous man can offer: ‘Unless they want to come here and settle down and live a humble life in little old Perth, no, I’m not interested’.

In addition to her love for basketball and a healthy lifestyle, she is also an animal lover. She has a dog named Mac, and with her clothing brand ‘shopwolfgang’ she has run several campaigns to raise money for dog shelters.

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Net value

As of early 2020, Jem Wolfie’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, as a result of subscription revenues for the services she offers on OnlyFans, her work as an Instagram content creator, her own clothing brand, and her active life. career as a fitness trainer.


Jem Wolfie’s physical appearance is one of the factors that has prompted millions of people to follow her on social media. She is described as a beautiful woman of white descent and long blond hair. She is 1.70 m tall and weighs about 61 kg. Her hourglass-shaped fit figure is the most noticeable physical feature.

Jem’s curvaceous figure has also caught the attention of internet trolls: “There are so many people who think my body is fake, I get people saying that every day.” However, she has stated that her appearance is natural and that she has not had plastic surgery: “I have never changed my appearance. except coloring my hair’.

Interesting facts

Her car is a Mazda RX8.

She is a proponent of natural bodies and argues that there are ways to achieve an hourglass figure without surgery.

Her zodiac sign is Leo.


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