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Who is InquisitorMaster in real life? Real name, age, net worth

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Who is InquisitorMaster?

Alexandra Jennifer Teran – known professionally as InquisitorMaster or Alex Einstein – is a social media personality, gamer and YouTuber, who gained popularity by streaming ‘Roblox’ games on her YouTube channel. She was born under the Taurus zodiac sign on May 1, 1994 in Dallas, Texas, USA, so as of 2021, she will be 27 years old and hold American nationality.

Early life and family

Not much is known about her parents, background and early life. Growing up, she always showed an interest in playing games. While attending elementary school, she competed in a “Halo” game tournament, landing in 3rd place.

As for her education, she graduated from high school and then focused on her career as a social media star and YouTuber.


With a talent and passion for games and social media, she launched her first YouTube channel, “The Little Joker”, when she was in elementary school. However, she was heavily bullied for her content, so she removed it. Before launching her second channelInquisitorMaster, in 2014 she worked in a flea market and candy store.

She mainly creates content that revolves around online video games such as “Roblox”, “Among Us” and “Royale High Play”. InquisitorMaster occasionally posts Halloween makeup tutorials, challenges, and reaction videos.

She often films videos with her friendswhich she calls “The Squad”, made up of seven members – Alex, Jaxx, Light, Charli, Sora, Luca and Levi.

Some of her most watched videos include “Her Prom Date Didn’t Show Up,” “My Bully Snuck Her Boyfriend in Our Dorm,” and “Breaking Up Couples in Roblox.” Her unique sense of humor and funny personality, which tends to attract a younger audience, has served her well when it comes to her career on YouTube as she has amassed quite a large fan base. Her channel currently has over 9.2 million subscribers with nearly five billion views. She is very active and posts multiple videos daily.

In 2019, she launched her second YouTube channel, “Princess Alex”, which is aimed at audiences over the age of 13. At the moment this is channel has 1.6 million subscribers with over 150 million views. She usually posts similar content on her “InquisitorMaster” channel, with occasional story videos and video blogs.

In November 2021, she announced that she would be casting her voice for Pancake Cookie in the video game titled “Cookie Run: Kingdom”. In her Instagram post she says wrote: ‘It’s a dream come true, and it’s all because of you. Thank you so much for your support over the years. I can’t wait for the future!’

Social Media Presence

She is very popular on various social media platforms; her Instagram account has over 630,000 followers, while her Twitter account has more than 260,000 followers. She also posts on her Facebook account, which has more than 30,000 fans, and TikTok, which currently has 3.5 million followers with nearly 50 million likes.

Private life

When it comes to her dating historyin 2017, she dated fellow YouTuber Marcus Peterson, but they broke up after a few months because he was in England and InquistorMaster lived in the US, so they decided to break up amicably and remain friends.

In the same year, she started dating another YouTuber, Zachary “Zach” Todd, who was featured in several of her videos, such as “BOYFRIEND BUYS MY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!” and “Put pink hair dye in it” His shampoo… (He got mad)”. They even launched the mutual YouTube channel “Zalex”, on which they both played “Roblox”. However, they officially broke up in June 2021 – rumor has it’s that one of InquisitorMaster friends named Gaby, who occasionally appears in her videos, had a “digital” kiss with Zach while playing “Roblox”.

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According to reports, Zach was not only unfaithful to InquisitorMaster in “Roblox”, but also in real life.

After their breakup, Inquisitor Master Posted on Instagram “Being cheated on is so damaging to my mental health. I wondered why I wasn’t good enough. Being in an extremely toxic and abusive relationship has given me so many anxiety attacks. I fell in love with someone who was constantly hurting me.” She added that all the videos on his and her channel, which show romantic outings and gestures, were all planned by InquisitorMaster so she could portray their relationship differently than it really was.

In addition, after the bitter end of their relationship, Zach formed his new squad (he was previously a member of InquisitorMaster’s Squad), and Gaby, the girl Zach allegedly cheated on in InquisitorMaster, joined his squad.


In 2019 she was high criticized by other YouTubers for centering most of her role-playing games around online dating, which violates “Roblox” rules. The main purpose of this social platform and game is to create an environment for expressing creativity, making friends and communicating online. However, it is not intended to be used as a dating site or to promote online dating as a large number of Roblox users are children and teenagers. She kept silent on the subject, and in the same year, “Roblox” got her and Zach to host the Bloxy Red Carpet event, adding an unusual twist to the story.

Entrepreneurial Efforts

InquisitorMaster also launched her merchandise called “Shop With Misa”, featuring a variety of items including Squad plush toys, T-shirts, and hoodies.

What is her net worth?

From 2021, her estimated net value is about $7 million, which she has acquired through her YouTube channels and paid advertising. She also earns through her merchandise, collaborations, and brand affiliations.

Physical stats and fashion style

Inquisitor Master is 5ft 2ins high (157 cm), weighs about 50 kg with vital stats of 32-24-33. Although she likes to experiment with hair dyes, her natural hair color is brown, further adorned with brown eyes. At the moment her hair is blond.

She has a very interesting fashion style that can best be described as a cross between loving kawaii fashion and gothic/dark clothing.

hobbies and interests

like a huge fan from cosplay, she often posts her outfits on Instagram. Recently she dressed up as a character from “Harry Potter”.

In addition to PC games, she has also played Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox.

InquisitorMaster is an avid animal lover and has two dogs and a cat.

One of her favorite TV shows is the post-apocalyptic zombie series “The Walking Dead”, and she even had the chance to meet most of the cast, including David Morrissey, who plays the main villain called the Governor.


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