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Who is James Wallington from “The Challenge Contestant”?

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James Wallington will be featured in The Challenge: the USA, which premieres on CBS on July 6, 2022 and airs all summer on Paramount+. 28 participants of The Amazing Race, Love Island, Big Brother and Survivor compete against each other. The Amazing Race was not James Wallington’s greatest triumph. Will Jardell proposed in the final after he and his longtime partner won. The couple married in 2021, three years after they got engaged.

The first LGBTQ couple to get engaged on Amazing Race is James Wallington and Will Jardell.

The couple dated 4 1/2 years before The Amazing Race. Will planned to propose to James after the concert, but winning made it more meaningful. “James didn’t know I was going to do it on the program. I told the producers, “I’ll propose to James while we travel the world,” since this is his boyhood fantasy. The finish was the right place to win.”

It’s the show’s first LGBTQ engagement. The first has a “strong and enthusiastic response from the community”.

James Wallington

“Young gay teens have been contacted asking ‘thank you for giving us hope’ or ‘thank you for giving me the confidence to come to my family’. It moves.”

James Wallington and Will Jardell married in 2021. Will competed in season 21 of America’s Next Top Model and James participated in Capture along with his sister Rebecca. They clicked because of their love for reality TV. Superfans took advantage of their racing expertise to become formidable challengers. They created the Main Five alliance, which dominated the tournament using “controversial answer sharing methods,” which allowed them to reach the last five and then the last three and win.

The newlyweds told PEOPLE:

“Now that the moment has passed, we can breathe, rejoice and begin our life as spouses. We are so happy and adored. We are overjoyed.”

James Wallington hopes to bring his A-game to The Challenge: USA. Michigan event planner and social media manager, 33. Since 2001, the celebrity has been leading parties and weddings in Los Angeles. He is “passionate, ambitious, outgoing.”

James Wallington

His interests include organizing game nights, traveling, party planning, musical theater, walking the couple’s dog, Zoey, and watching reality TV. The competitor has more than 15,000 Instagram followers where he highlights his hobbies, hiking excursions and more. They have almost 21K Instagram followers. Cayla Platt and Leo Temory join James Wallington in The Challenge: USA. TJ Lavin will host the program in Buenos Aires. Winners take part in Paramount+’s The Challenge: Global Championship.

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