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Who is Jodi Lynn Calaway? Everything you need to know about the undertaker’s first wife

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Jodi Lynn Calaway is the ex-wife of retired professional wrestler Mark William Calaway, known by the ring name the undertaker. Jodi’s ex-husband is a WWE legend and considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Speaking of his marital relationship with The Undertaker, they were together for ten years. Well, as the WWE legend’s first love, she became hugely popular both in the media and the public. So, how and when did the former couple’s love affair begin? Where is Jodi Lynn Calaway now?

Here we’ll explore the personal and professional details of Jodi Lynn Calaway, The Undertaker’s first love turned woman. Read the article to the end.

Who is Jodi Lynn Calaway? Her age and Wiki

As we mentioned, Jodi is a WWE legend, the ex-wife of The Undertaker. Since she only came into the limelight after her marriage to The Undertaker, very little about her childhood. However, she reportedly had a decent childhood and lived most of her early days with her mother and father.

On the other hand, her popular ex-husband, The Undertaker, was born Mark William Calaway on March 24, 1965in Houston, Texas, United States, and is 57 years old since 2022. Given the ex-partner’s age, we can assume that The Undertaker’s first wife, Jodi, is into her too 50s.

Moreover, she is of American nationality and her ethnicity is believed to be Caucasian.

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s Occupation: What Does She Do For A Living?

Jodi undoubtedly leads a luxurious life and has plenty of money when it comes to finances. But sadly, her professional life seems to have been overshadowed by her ex-husband’s fame. So far, it’s unclear what she does for a living.

On the other hand, her ex-partner is an all-time successful wrestler that we mentioned above. He is popular worldwide for his profession as a WWF/E wrestler who started his career working in various gimmicks for World Class Championship Wrestling. Later, after winning numerous championships, he signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, WWE) in 1990 and rose to major fame as The Undertaker later in his career.

Jodi Lynn Calaway was married to the undertaker for 10 years

The ring legend, The Undertaker and Jodi Lynn tied the knot in the year 1989, the same year when The Undertaker at one time known as Mark William joined World Championship Wrestling. The couple started their married life at a good point and lived blissfully.

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s ex-husband, The Undertaker

After 4 years, they welcomed their child together. But as time went on, their relationship started to deteriorate and ended with a divorce in the year 1999. The former couple lived in their marriage for ten years and finally broke up.

Has she remarried after the wrestler husband’s divorce?

As far as the reports suggest, Jodi never married again. At the time of the divorce, her son was just 7 yearsold child and reportedly chose to focus on her child rather than getting married a second time.

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s ex-husband has remarried twice

After Jodi’s divorce, The Undertaker got engaged to a lady named Sara Frank the same year, and later in 2000, he shared vows with Sara in a secret wedding. Speaking of Sara, she was from California and had a huge interest in sports and was also a wrestler at the same time. The couple broke up later in the year 2007.

After the divorce from the second wife, Jodi’s ex-husband Michelle McCool met and married her in 2010. Since then, The Undertaker has happily been in a marital relationship with McCool, who was a professional wrestler like him, and has now retired from wrestling. Michelle is a former two-time WWE Divas Champion and a two-time WWE Women’s Champion.

She is the mother of a son

Together with her husband, Jodi Lynn gave birth to a son they named shooter Vincent Calaway in the month of August 1992. On to the year 2022Jodi’s only son has already celebrated his 29 year birth anniversary.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Shares A Son Named Gunner Vincent Calaway With Ex-Husband The Undertaker
Jodi Lynn Calaway’s Son, Shooter Vincent Calaway

Her son Gunner currently lives in Nashville and worked as an information officer Technology System Administrator in Concentric, IT services and IT consultancy. He is also a freelance artist.

Jodi Lynn’s ex-husband, the undertaker is a father of five

As we said before, he married twice after divorcing his first wife Jodi Lynn Calaway. So from his 3 marriages, The Undertaker has a total of five children, 3 daughters, Chasey Calaway, Gracie Calawayand Kaia Faith Calaway. Of the five, two are called sons Shooter Vincent Calaway and Kolt.

Gunner is the son of Jodi Lynn and The Undertaker, mentioned above. Furthermore, Gracie and Chasey are his daughters from his second marriage to Sara. From his current life partner, Michelle, he is the daddy of Kaia and Kolt.

Is Jodi Lynn Calaway on Instagram? Her tools for social media

The Undertaker’s first wife, Jodi, is completely off social media. She has neither her account on Instagram, nor on Facebook and Twitter. She lives very privately.

On the other hand, her famous ex-partner is on Instagram under the username @funeral entrepreneur of 4.3 million followers. Furthermore, Lynn’s son Gunner is also active on Instagram under the username @theshogungun of 4.126 followers.

Where is Jodi Lynn Calaway today?

Her exact location is difficult to trace. However, after her divorce from the wrestler, she has spent her life out of the limelight. While there are no confirmations yet, she is believed to live in Nashville, Tennessee, United States with her children.

What is her net worth?

Since we are completely unknown about her profession, her exact net worth is hard to say. However, some sources have claimed that her net worth is around $500k until $1 million. On the other hand, her ex-husband, The Undertaker’s estimated net worth is: $17 million.


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