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Who is Jordan Ladd? Net Worth, Height, Dimensions, Wiki

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The daughter of Charlie’s Angels star Cheryl Ladd shares her mother’s stunning looks and acting talent, but has worked extremely hard to make it her own, trying to emerge from the shadows of her very famous family.

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early life

Jordan Elizabeth Laddi was born on January 14, 1975 in Hollywood, California, USA, making her a third-generation actress in the Ladd family. Her mother Cheryl Ladd (née Soppelmoor) was born on July 12, 1951 into an ordinary family totally unfamiliar with the life of fame Cheryl would create for herself and marry, best known for being cast on the television series ABC (American Broadcasting Company). Charlie Angels as Kris Monroe.

Jordan Laddi

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Jordan’s father, on the other hand, was born into a family known for fame. Actor David Ladd was the son of actress and talent agent Sue Carole and actor Alan Ladd. Even her stepsister, Lindsay Russell, aspired to be an actress, so it was no surprise that Jordan followed in her famous family’s footsteps.

Early schooling

In 1993, Ladd completed high school and then attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Despite her family’s fame, Jordan managed to live a relatively normal life: “When I was in high school, I went to clubs, and of course that’s exciting. You want to drink before you can and go places you can’t,” but said once she started her acting career, she didn’t want to get involved in Hollywood nightlife.


Jordan first appeared on camera when he was two years old, was cast in a few TV commercials, the first was for a Polaroid camera. While at school, she took a few acting jobs with her mother in “The Girl Who Came Between Them” in 1990, and “Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back” in 1993, but only started acting professionally after graduating from high school. acting career as an adult was in 1994 when she made a guest appearance in “Saved by the Bell: The New Class”, an NBC (National Broadcasting Company) series. It wasn’t until she appeared in “Embrace of the Vampire” with Alyssa Milano that she started to get noticed. Over the next six years, Ladd appeared in a few independent films such as “Inside Out”, “Taking the Plunge” and “Stand-ins”.

Her first notable role was in 1999 when she starred opposite Drew Barrymore in “Never Been Kissed” as the popular high school girl who bullies an insecure student who attended her school. The film was a huge success, grossing about $84.5 million, and Ladd became known worldwide.

2000 Ladd was featured in several movies, with very different characters. She first appeared in “The Special,” a superhero comedy film in which she played a neurotic superhero Nightbird. Later that year, Ladd played a movie star competing for an Academy Award in “Best Actress”, and also appeared in the critically acclaimed film “Boys Life 3”. In the horror movie “Cabin Fever” she was the victim of a virus that ate her flesh – the movie started filming very soon after 9/11, when speaking of her experience she said: ‘We have stopped, we are on the struck, and then we close again.

We were just hoping to finalize the move and hope that people would really understand and appreciate it.” The film was made on a budget of $1.5 million, but earned $30.5 million and a huge profit margin at the box office.

This role was the beginning of Jordan appearing in a series of horror movies. In 2002 she was a sad, upset woman in “Darkened Room” a Japanese horror film, in 2004 she played a murder suspect on an island vacation in “Club Dread”, and later that year a nurse in a mental institution in “Madhouse”.

In 2005, she had a short break from horror movies, when Ladd appeared in the comedy “Waiting…” opposite big Hollywood names such as Justin Long, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris.

In Quentin Tarantino’s film “Death Proof,” she was cast alongside her mother as a Texas party girl and murder victim. She also added a few more famous colleagues, along with Tracie Thoms, Zoë Bell, Rosario Dawson and Kurt Russel.

Her next horror movie – “Grace” – was filmed in 2009 when she played a woman whose unborn baby dies in a car accident, and carries the baby to term despite a doctor’s recommendation.

In 2010, after five years, Ladd was cast in the comedy “First Dates,” a film that follows the dating lives of a couple of singles, but quickly went back to horror with “Murder on the 13e Floor”, in which she plays a woman who exacts revenge when she discovers that her husband is cheating on her with their live-in babysitter.

2015 was the year Ladd appeared in an episode of “Scary Endings”, a YouTube horror series directed by John Fitzpatrick. The following year, Ladd and Fitzpatrick teamed up again on “Brentwood Strangler,” in which she plays a sad, lonely female lineup on a date with a serial killer. 2017 so far is the last time Ladd has appeared on screen, in “Stage Fright” as an opera singer, and in “Blue Line” as a woman who escapes her abusive husband and goes on a revenge mission with her best friend.

Meeting Famous Husband

Jordan met Conor O’Neill in 1997 and they dated for four years before getting married in 2001, but the marriage only lasted four years – the couple divorced in 2005.

Jordan Laddi

Born on 15 August 1966, Conor O’Neill is an English actor known for his roles in musicals. His acting career started at The Everyman Theater and has been a very successful career ever since. In 1988, he appeared in “Blood Brothers”, for which he received the Laurence Oliver Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Five years later, he was nominated for another award for “Blood Brothers” by the Tony Awards for Best Actor in a Musical.

He appeared in a five-part TV drama, “Criminal Justice” in 2008, as attorney Ralph Stone, then played Joe Meek in both the 2008 and 2005 film “Telstar: The Joe Meek Story”.

His next role was in 2011 at the Royal Exchange Theater in Manchester, where he played Eddie Carbone, a dock worker, in Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge”, which won the Manchester Theater Awards for Best Actor. Between 2013-2019 he starred in several series such as “The Bible”, “Happy Valley”, “Chernobyl” and “Ordinary Lies”.

other relationships

Although Jordan’s childhood and family life has been widely publicized, she has kept her love life very private, and away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Since Hollywood is Hollywood, she has been romantically linked with a string of actors, but other than her marriage, she has not had any other confirmed relationships.

Net value

Since the beginning of her career, Jordan has appeared in over 50 movies and television series which all add up to create her net worth. Sources say she’s worth over $1 million, which isn’t bad considering it’s only going to increase over the next few years as her career hopefully continues.

Physical Characteristics

Jordan’s uncanny resemblance to her mother is due in large part to her blue eyes and blonde hair, but she has been known to dye her hair dark because although she loves her mother, she wants to distance herself as an actress so she can be seen independently.

Ladd is 1.52 m tall, weighs about 52 kg and her vital stats are 34-26-36.


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