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Who is Louise Newbury? Untold details about the late Bill Paxton’s widow

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Louise Newbury is known as the wife of the late American actor and filmmaker account Paxton (aka William Paxton). Her husband is best known for the HBO drama series Big Love and his appearance in the movies like Titanic (1997), Edge of tomorrow (2014), and night crawler (2014).

Now that she moved on in her married life with husband Bill Paxton, the couple had been together for 30 years. Their 30-year marriage came to an end after her husband’s unfortunate death that year 2017, and now she lives widowed by her late husband. In that case, how did her husband, Bill, die? Where is Louise Newbury today?

To learn all about Bill Paxton’s now widow, Louise Newberry, stay with us to the end. The article covers the full biography of Louise including her birthday, children, marriage to her late husband, net worth and much more.

How old is Louise Newbury? Know her age and Wiki

Bill Paxton’s wife Louise is 68 years old as of 2022. She was born in the year of her parents 1954 in London. As she rose to prominence after becoming the wife of actor Bill, very little is known about her early days in the media.

However, it is certain that she spent most of her childhood in her hometown alongside her doting parents. She had a decent upbringing until she fell in love with the actor when she was still a teenager.

Moreover, she belongs to white ethnicity and is British by her nationality.

Career Details: What Does Louise Newbury Do for a Living?

Despite being a famous woman, very little is known about her life and it is unclear exactly what she does for a living. Whatever profession she pursues, it is certain that she has enough money to live her life luxuriously, as her late husband had earned a huge amount of money from a successful film career.

Louise Newbury is the wife of a successful American actor

As mentioned earlier, her husband, Bill Paxton, had a successful career. A Texas-born actor and filmmaker began his Hollywood career as a production assistant and later became a set dresser for an American film director, Roger Corman.

After a year, he made his debut with a small role in the film crazy mom in the year 1975. Since then, Bill has shown his presence in the American entertainment industry for over a year 35 years until his death.

Louise Newbury has appeared in a few TV and movies

As a famous woman, she has had a handful of appearances on television. According to IMDb, she was featured in the TV special, The 2001 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards. Later, as an actress, Newbury was spotted in a music video for Bill Paxton’s band Martini Ranch: Accessible in 1988.

Apart from these, her name as Louise Paxton was specially mentioned in her husband’s movies Traveler and vulnerability.

Louise Newbury was married to Bill for almost 30 years

on May 12, 1987Louise married American actor Bill Paxton. The couple had a marital life until Bill’s death in 2017. The couple first met on a bus in London. In this regard, in an interview, Bill said,

I met my wife on the number 37 bus on Twickenham High Street, in London,” “I saw a girl queuing for the bus… She looks my way when she gets on the bus, and that was the stimulus that I needed.”

In the meantime, Louise was a school student while Bill was a struggling actor. After that, they eventually started seeing each other, which later turned into a lifelong committed relationship by sharing vows in 1987.

Louise Newbury and Bill Paxton were married for 30 years
Young Louise Newbury with late husband Bill Paxton

Before that, Louise’s wife was briefly married to Canadian actress Kelly Rowan, from the year 1979 until 1980.

Her husband, Bill Paxton was a multi-professionaln

As mentioned before, Louise’s late husband, Bill was an actor and filmmaker. He first rose as a film/TV actor. He starred in series and movies such as the terminator, command, Hatfields & McCoys, and several others. In addition to acting, he also co-directed the music video entitled ‘fish heads’.

Furthermore, he was also in production works and also served as a writer and producer on several projects. With all his incredible skills as a multi-professional, he was nominated by more than 15 reward associations. He has won the Saturn Awards, the US Film Festival and the Screen Actor Guild Awards, among others.

Bill Paxton Died At 61: What Caused His Death?

on 15 February, 2017Louise’s husband Bill died as a result of: complications during his heart surgery. He had problems with his heart where his aortic heart valve was damaged and underwent surgery to repair that damage at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His first operation went well, but a day after his first operation, he had to have a second operation in which he suffered a fatal stroke and died.

Louise Newbury has two children

From her marriage to her partner from 30 years, she welcomed a son named James Paxton and a daughter named Lydia Paxton.

James was born on February 23, 1994, in Ojai, California. From 2022He is 28 years of age and has already started his career in Hollywood. To this day, he was part of many movies, TV series, music videos and short films. Louise’s son is best known for his co-star in the drama series eyewitness.

Louise Newbury is a mother of two
Louise Newbury with her children. Source: her daughter’s Instagram

Likewise, her second child Lydia came to this world Dec 19, 1997that characterizes her 24 years of age 2022. She also graduated from Duke University a year ago.

Louise Newbury is not active on social media

Despite being the wife of a public figure, Louise prefers to live a quiet life. According to our research, she is absolutely not active on any of the social networking sites, neither on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

That being said, it doesn’t mean we can’t watch her on social media. She sometimes appears on her children’s Instagram accounts. Her son has his verified Insta under the username @thisisjamespaxton while her daughter uses Instagram with the username @lydia_paxton.

According to her children’s social media account, in 2022she lives with her children in Ojai, California, United States.

Net Worth of Louise Newbury

According to several online tabloids, she has a net worth of $40 million. While we know nothing about her profession, she certainly does something private for her children as a single mother. Besides, before she left, her late husband also left a net worth of $25 million for his family.


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