Who Is Natalie Lee From Love Is Dating Blind Now? Her career, relationship

Natalie Lee is an American reality star and social media influencer who is popular for his appearance in Season 2 of Love is blind. The show’s second season premiered in February 2022 and was loved by many.

30-year-old Lee is a consulting manager by trade and decided to take her chance to find love through Love is Blind. Although she matched Shayne Jansen and even being engaged to the show, the couple are living separate lives as of now.

So, is Natalie dating anyone right now? What happened between Shayne and Lee? Similarly, you can learn about her personal life details, childhood, earnings and more.

Details about Natalie Lee’s early life and childhood

Natalie Mina Lee was born on February 17, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, United States under the birth sign Aquarius. She is 30 years old as of 2022.

Love Is Blind star Natalie Lee is from Asian ethnic race

Lee is of Asian (Korean) ethnic race and holds American nationality. In addition, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Loyola University. Apart from this, more details about her parents, siblings and more are not yet public.

Natalie Lee is a consulting manager by trade – brief insight into her time in love is blind

Although many know Natalie after her appearance in the second season of the reality TV series Love is blind, she has a very different career of her own. She currently works as a consulting manager at a company.

American consulting manager and media personality Natalie Lee
Media personality Natalie Lee is a consulting manager by profession

She only became a household name after the show premiered on February 11, 2022. On the show, Lee hooked up with fellow contestant Shayne Jansen and the pair even got engaged.

Though their chemistry was off the charts, the couple is not married like Lee said NO at the altar. After that, the couple did not speak to each other for a month.

The tumultuous relationship of Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen

As we mentioned before, Lee and Jansen got together after meeting in Love is blind. During the early stages of their relationship, Jansen was so captivated by Lee’s charms that he fell in love with her without seeing her face.

In an interview he said:

“I don’t even know what she looks like and honestly I don’t care because I love her.”

After their romance started to blossom, Shayne proposed to Lee and she accepted. They even decided to give it a shot and decided to get married on the show itself.

Natalie Lee and ex-boyfriend Shayne Jensen
Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen at the altar before saying NO to end their relationship

Although things went well between the two, Natalie changed her decision to marry Shayne at the altar. She said no and ended their relationship then and there and let their budding romance die.

Although the former couple tried to reconcile their relationship, the second attempt was also a failure. According to sources, they did not even speak to each other after their failed reconciliation attempt.

Nevertheless, Natalie later spoke about their breakup revealing how Shayne said she’s the worst that’s happened to her. She said,

“Before our fight I was 100% sure I would marry him today, but if you say you hate someone, tell someone you are the worst thing that ever happened to them, it can’t be said inadvertently. I thought today was really going to be the happiest day of my life. I think I just got to a point where I just couldn’t handle it emotionally.”

In his defense, Shayne said he didn’t mean what he said to her and needed time to think about their relationship.

She added,

“As I stood at the altar with Shayne and looked at him, I felt tense and scared. For me, that was the moment when I thought, ‘This isn’t it.’ I really, really loved him, but I think love can only go so far.”

For now, the former couple is on good terms and still follow each other on Instagram.

Did Shayne cheat on Natalie with co-star Shaina?

Though Natalie ended their relationship due to their own personal indifference, Shayne’s friendship with fellow co-star Shaina Hurley was also part of their breakup.

And while Shaina and Jansen said their bond was nothing more than a friendship, Lee was sure of their budding romance.

When things started to get serious, Shaina released a statement stating that he was in a platonic relationship with Shayne. He said,

“The thing with me and Shayne and I think the public will be able to see it, and they saw it a little bit before it was strictly platonic. Like, we’re buddies. We’re going to see each other, you know what I mean?”

Similarly, Shayne also said:

“I don’t quite understand what was outrageous about me and Shaina DMing each other, you know, I see a story and I comment. When it comes to Natalie, if I blinked at Shaina, it would probably be “outrageous.” She never got rid of it. Never.”

Perhaps Natalie’s insecurity about Jensen and Hurley’s bond created a barrier between her and him. And after the show ended, the trio wished each other well and each went their separate ways in life.

Are Natalie Lee and Blake Moynes Really Dating?

If Lee and Jensen are still being talked about, Natalie dropped another bomb after going on a short Caribbean trip with bachelorette Blake Moynes.

While it’s not clear if the two went together or met during the turtle-talking mission, they did raise a few eyebrows.

Natalie Lee and dating her boyfriend Blake Moynes in 2022
Lee and Bachelorette star Blake Moynes on their little Caribbean trip

While viewers were still trying to figure out their relationship, Blake’s story about Lee added more spark to the news. He posted a video of Lee having breakfast and wrote: “She LOVES sea turtles and wants to be a barnacle in another life.”

He also wrote,

Successful morning with turtles‘, and ‘breakfast date’. On the other hand, Lee also said her favorite part of the trip was “the meaningful conversations we had during our breaks” and by we she meant Blake.

Additionally, an insider close to the duo said it’s not quite serious in their relationship,

“This was the first time Blake and Natalie met. Blake loves her. Right now things are completely platonic, but you never know what the future holds!”

For now, let’s hope the couple will let us know more about their alleged budding romance in the near future.

How rich is Natalie Lee? Details of her earnings

Lee is a consulting manager turned media personality by profession. Likewise, as of 2022, her fortune is said to be around $500 thousand.

As of mid-September, she has more than 716,000 followers on Instagram, where she updates her life most.


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