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Who is Nathaniel Prescott? Why was Cowboys player Dak Prescott’s father arrested?

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Nathaniel Prescott is popular because he is the father of Roof Prescott who is an American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. His son Dak is more recognized as NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year.

What is Nathaniel doing these days besides being the famous father? He once got the media attention for a marijuana charge. He was later released on a 500 bond. Aside from his legal troubles, people are equally curious about the love life of Dak Prescott’s father Nathaniel. So find out all the details about his married life, the death of his second wife and much more.

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Dak’s Dad, Nathaniel Prescott is in his early 60s

Nathaniel (aka Nat) was born that year in the United States of America 1961 making him 61 years old by 2022. He grew up in Louisiana, Saints Country. Apart from this, there are no more details about his parents and siblings as he has kept it out of the media.

A famous father belongs to African American ethnicity and holds American nationality.

What does Nathaniel Prescott do for life?

Nathaniel used to work as a commercial driver in the Louisiana oil fields. After working in Louisiana, Dak’s father also served as an Austin city bus driver.

In addition, Prescott is also a former player who played as a linebacker and defensive end at Grambling State. Unfortunately, his football career came to an end after both his knees were injured.

While there is nothing wrong with his current profession, Nathaniel spends most of his time helping out with his son Dak’s two dogs, Legend and GOAT.

Prescott is a huge cowboy fan

Nat in an exclusive conversation with Calvin Watkins stated that he has always been a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. He said,

“I’m a lifelong Cowboy fan and I raised the kid a Cowboy fan”,

Nathaniel Prescott is in the studio watching a match

In this regard, his famous son Dak has the same word to say. Let’s take a look at his statement.

“My dad is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. So I really didn’t grow up — I’d say I had no choice — but he gave us all the choices because my other brothers weren’t Cowboys fans.

Dak is now the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Born July 29, 1993, as his parents’ youngest child, Dak began playing while still in high school in Louisiana. He later played college football in the state of Mississippi.

In 2016, Prescott was selected in the fourth round for the team called Dallas Cowboys in the NFL draft and started playing on his dream team. During his playing career with the Cowboys, the player set several quarterback records. And the same year he joined the team, he was also honored with the NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year.

Nathaniel Prescott was married twice

Moving on to Nat’s marriage, the former commercial driver was married twice. Since Dallas’ father isn’t very open about his personal life, it’s hard to figure out who his first wife was and how their marriage ended.

Family Nathaniel Prescott
Nathaniel Prescott’s ex-wife and son

But later, Prescott married Peggy Prescott, a European-American woman for the second time. As with his first marriage relationship, the details of his second marriage have so far been kept very secret.

Although the couple had promised a lifelong partnership, they ended up in divorce, which happened when their children were so young and still in school.

Nathaniel’s second wife, Peggy died of colon cancer

His ex-wife, Peggy, who was also the mother of NFL player Dak Prescott, suffered from colon cancer. She fights her illness consistently and bravely, but unfortunately it didn’t work for long.

As a result, Nathaniel continues her life Nov 3, 2013, at the age of 52. Needless to say, her son Dak had a strong bond with his late mother. He remembers his mother so well. The Cowboys quarterback told NBC DFW,

“Losing your mother is not so easy. That’s something you have to wake up to every day, looking yourself in the face and knowing you have an angel. You have an angel who has expectations of you to do and you have to go out and do them every day.”

Nathaniel Prescott has five children

From his two marriages, Prescott has a total of five children. With his first wife, Nat has a son named Elliot Prescott. Furthermore, Nathaniel has four other children named Tad, Jace, Natalie Prescott-Smith and Dak Prescott with his second wife Peggy.

Like his son Dak, one of his other children Jace also played as an offensive lineman at Northwestern State.

Prescott shares a close bond with his son Dak

When his son was young, Nathaniel said goodbye to his children’s mother, Peggy. Peggy raised only her children, including Dak. That’s why people assume that an NFL player doesn’t have a good relationship with his father.

Nathaniel Prescott
Nathaniel Prescott with his son

On the contrary, Dak stated despite all the rumors that he has a good relationship with his father. He said in a interview in 2017

“My father and I have always had a close relationship, unlike my brothers, I think,” But we all have our own individual relationships. He’s always been there for me.”

Even today, Nathaniel continues to show concern for his son. He is a proud father who never missed Dak’s achievement as a player.

Nathaniel was arrested for marijuana

In August 2018, on the way to Orange County Highway 87, Nathaniel was discovered with marijuana in his vehicle. He was stopped at a traffic station and arrested. The news was everywhere after reporter Peter Eliopoulos tweeted:

Texas DPS arrests father of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on marijuana charges. Nathaniel Prescott, 57, was arrested on Highway 87 in Orange County on Saturday afternoon.

He was later given bail after paying $500 bail.

Where does Nathaniel Prescott live today? Are social networking sites

Prescott currently lives in Frisco, Texas. In 2017, he moved to Frisco with the intention of being near his youngest son, Dak. Now, regarding his social media presence, he is nowhere to be seen. According to our research, he has not opened an account on any site.

On the other hand, his son Dak is on Instagram under the user @_4dak with 2.2 million followers.

Nathaniel’s ability

Like we said, he’s just famous because of his son. Though Nat has worked all his life and earned money but still his net worth has not been estimated yet.

On the other hand, his youngest son Dak Prescott has a net worth of $2 million.

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