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Who was Eric Hartter? Untold Facts About Whitney Scott’s Biological Father

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Eric Hartter was a tattoo artist who rose to fame for being the one-time partner of Kimberly Anne Scott (aka Kim Scott), famous as the ex-wife of the famous American rapper Eminem.

Besides, Eric is also equally popular for being the biological father of Eminem’s adopted daughter Whitney Scott Mather. Coming 2022Scott’s ex-partner is no longer in the world as he was found dead on August 22, 2019, at his home in Detroit, Michigan. So, what had happened to Eric Hartter? What was his personal life like prior to his unfortunate death?

Let’s take a closer look at the personal and professional details of Kimberly Anne Scott’s ex-partner Eric Hartter including his age, relationship with Kim, his child and much more. Stay with us until the end.

Who is Eric Harter? His Wiki

As mentioned before, Eric, full name, Eric Scott Hartter is a tattoo artist who is famous for dating Eminem’s ex-husband. He was born in January 22 1979. But unfortunately he died at the age of 40 in the year 2019.

Eric Hartter at a young age. Source: Facebook of Hos’s mother

When she grew up she lived with his mother Marie Mastrogiovanni Hartter in the United States of America. The information about Eric’s father is not in the media. In addition, he was of American nationality and belonged to a mixed ethnic race.

Eric Hartter was a tattoo artist

As we mentioned above, Eric was in the tattoo business and was reportedly very enthusiastic about his work. In fact, the tattoo enthusiast had tattoos on most parts of his body.

On the other hand, when we talk about his ex-partner Kim’s career, she is an author who has written books entitled: Children in context: the sociological study and Mom! There is a Snot man standing. She is also an American illustrator and has illustrated several children’s books such as: princess shame, The black and white club, The two heads piratesand much more.

Eric was also involved in crimes and arrested several Times

In addition to being a tattoo artist, he was also involved in criminal activities. on December 27, 2018he was arrested on charges of stealing from Red Bull of CVS value $200. During his time in prison, he used banned substances such as Phenatyle and methamphetamine, which extended his sentence in prison.

For contraband, he was imprisoned for: 153 days and issued 24 months of probation in prison.

Eric Hartter Was In A Relationship With Kim Scott: Were They Married?

Moving on to his relationship status, it seems like the late tattoo artist never had a wedding. However, Eric remained in relationships with several women in his 40 years of life. One of them was Kim, aka Kimberly Anne, whom he started dating at the end of this year 2001.

Eric Hartter ex-girlfriend Kimberly Anne Scott, who was married to Eminem
Eric Hartter’s ex-partner Kimberly Anne Scott

Eric’s ex-girlfriend, Kim, had been in a marital relationship with an American rapper since that year 1999 until 2001. After she divorced, Eric and Kimberly soon began seeing each other and shared a daughter Whitney Scott Mather who was born on April 16, 2002.

They later split and Kim remarried her now ex-husband, Eminem in 2006. But her marriage to Eminem didn’t even last a year and the married duo eventually broke up the same year, 2006.

His daughter Whitney was adopted by Eminem

In the year 2005Eminem, the famous rapper legally adopted his ex-wife’s daughter with Eric Hartter. At the time of adoption, Whitney was only three years old. From then to the year 2019she grew up under the care of her non-biological father, Eminem, without knowing of her biological father, Eric.

After Hartter’s death, his biological daughter placed a video on TikTok, where she confronted her confusion about his biological father. In the video, she plays two different characters in which she expresses her confusion by asking different questions of the other. One of her characters begins by saying: “He’s not your real father. you have been adopted”.

Eric Hartter is father to daughter Whitney
Eric Hartter’s daughter on the right and her adopted father Eminem on the left

The video continues where she says again: ‘You’re my real father, aren’t you? am I? adopted?’ and the video ended with her grandmother’s comments, “I’m sorry they wouldn’t” tell about him.” Unfortunately, the video was later removed.

Whitney identifies: She now prefers a name Stevie

From 2022Hartter’s child is 20 years old. In the year 2020Whitney aka Stevie came out as non-binary. Whitney announced their reality of being non-binary via social media by referring to themselves by the pronoun “they”.

Now they like to introduce themselves by the name Stevie Scott Mathers. They opened a TikTok account and Instagram called Stevie.

Eric Hartter was a drug addict: he died of a drug overdose

Before his death, he was heavily addicted to drugs. He struggled with his addiction for years and was eventually found dead in his abandoned Detroit home. After his death, on August 6 2020his mother shared his photos on her Facebook with a caption in sorrow. It said,

If you’re wondering how I could have my dead heroin-addicted son back, you’re in luck, because that means it didn’t happen to you. When he was at the bottom of his addiction, he was still my son and I still loved him as much as if there were no addiction.

His addiction was so dangerous that even his relatives were tired, as evidenced by his mother’s words saying:

I wished him dead at that time, cut him off completely, convinced that our lives would be better if he died.

Furthermore, his autopsy reports related to his death showed that the cause of his death was a cocaine and fentanyl overdose.

His mother organized a fundraising program

After his death, his beloved mama organized a fundraising program for his death rituals.

Eric Hartter with his mother
Eric Hartter with his lovely mother. Source: his mother’s Facebook

She mentioned the tragedy her son endured and wrote:

Eric was a lively, charming, generous and beautiful person who touched hundreds of lives. He was a loving father, friend, son, brother, uncle and cousin who was loved by many. We are in so many ways unprepared for Eric’s tragic passing. Most importantly, we are unable to get ahead financially with arrangements to let him rest. We hope to raise enough to cover his final expenses within 30 days.

What was Eric Hartter’s net worth at his death?

Eric was just a tattoo artist. More than that, he was hugely addicted to drugs. After his death, in order to complete his death rituals, his mother started a fundraising program showing that he was not making much money from his profession.

However, several websites have displayed his net worth around the $3 million, which is pretty hard to be true.


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