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Why are there different types of shoes?

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Shoes not only help us to move, but also have various functions in our daily life. There are different types of shoes; all of these, apart from protecting feet from any injuries, have their own specific function. We can’t wear shoes all our lives. Shoes are necessary for almost all occasions. There are few places where we don’t have to wear shoes, eg

  • Grass
  • Carpet
  • Foam
  • Bed, sofas, etc

Different types of shoes with different functions:

Sports shoes:

The shoes we wear at home can not be used while exercising. Sports shoes are specially designed for different games. Their sole is hard and the upper surface is made of special leather that can endure blows, blows and stunts. Visit

They give extra support to the feet, so that the person can play comfortably anywhere. Sports shoes are also called sports shoes. There are different types of sports shoes, for example:

  • Shoes for football
  • Shoes for tennis
  • Shoes for basketball
  • Shoes for cricket
  • Horse riding shoes etc.

All these shoes are a bit different from each other in design and material.

Shoes for sports:

Shoes for sports are different from other types of shoes. These are designed to withstand different types of pressure and bends in their body. A person who wears regular shoes while exercising will feel less comfortable than a man who works out with specially designed shoes.

It offers comfort, padding, support and a special fit to the feet, allowing the man to perform his various activities with ease. For example, over reach boots contain special shock-absorbing pads on the inside, which protect the feet during jumps.

These shoes include:

  • Shoes for running
  • Weightlifting Shoes
  • Shoes to jump

Party Shoes:

These shoes are worn to parties, so they are designed accordingly. These are decorated and beautiful shoes, including:

  • Sandals
  • Heels
  • Oxford
  • slingbacks

casual shoes:

These shoes are simply designed to be worn in everyday activities at home. These are easy to wear and easy to remove. Usually they are heelless and flat.


Shoes for professional use:

These types of shoes are well suited for professional use such as in offices, schools, colleges, etc. They are usually closed and cover the entire foot. These are usually worn with socks. Also visit

Shoes for a high level of protection:

When a high degree of protection is required, shoes other than all the above types are needed. for example in situations such as:

  • walk through fire,
  • run in the water,
  • going through a sour leak,
  • Walking through extremely hot places like sand in summer,
  • Walking through fields where there is a danger of being bitten by a snake or other poisonous insect.

Shoes designed to get through these situations are boots. These are made of leather and special plastic and cover the feet above the ankle. Some boots also cover the legs up to the knees. Including

  • Steel Toe Boots
  • army boots
  • desert boots
  • knee boots
  • Insulated boots


There are different types of shoes that are chosen according to the need of the person. Shoes have also become the demand of fashion nowadays. We need to wear different shoes depending on the fashion, season, dress and occasion.

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