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Why did HBO Max cancel the show? Know the reason behind it

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From stunning visuals and astonishing world-building to masterful storytelling, HBO Max’s Raised By Wolves has everything it takes for a groundbreaking TV franchise. Therefore, since the second season ended in March 2022, can fans only think of one thing when Raised By Wolves Season 3 comes? So here we bring you everything we know about the show’s third season.

HBO Max’s Raised By Wolves is a dystopian science fiction drama series that debuted on the platform in 2020. Created by Aaron Guzikowski, the series is set in a world torn apart by a religious war between atheists and Mithraics. After the disaster, the androids, Vader and Mother/Lamia, are sent to Kepler-22b. They carry human embryos in the hope of rebuilding human society.

Will there be raised by wolves season 3?

Raised By Wolves Season 3:

The second season of the SciFi drama series premiered on HBO Max on February 3, 2022, and the season concluded with the finale set to air on March 17, 2022. Meanwhile, when we talk about the future of the series, fans may not like what we have to say. The second season got even better reviews and fan reactions than the first season. However, on June 3, 2022, the show was canceled nearly two and a half months after the end of Season 2. So the third season will not come.

Why did HBO Max cancel the show?

HBO has officially canceled the show following its recent merger with Warner Bros. Discovery before the third season started. The cancellation of Raised By Wolves comes just days after actor Abubakar Salim hinted that the show’s third season was in jeopardy. He attributed it to the recent deal with Warner Bros. Discovery. Following the approval of the Discovery merger in March, there has been a significant shift in planned productions in the film and television industry, including several cancellations. Raised By Wolves is now also a victim of the merger.

Raised By Wolves Season 3

Raised By Wolves has what it takes for a gripping multi-season sci-fi series. As a result, viewers were surprised when Raised By Wolves ended unexpectedly after season two, despite its popularity and critical acclaim. The ending of Raised By Wolves is all the more heartbreaking as the actors and crew were poised to return for a third season.

Raised By Wolves Season 3: What Could Happen?

At the end of the second season, Mother put on Grandmother’s veil and killed the snake. Meanwhile, in the tropical region, temperatures unexpectedly began to drop, forcing people to stay indoors. Viewers also found out that grandmother might have had a hand in the decentralization of the old people.

She wanted to repeat the same with today’s people, and Mother was trapped in a simulation because of her. Moreover, when Lucius began to hear the Voice, he hung Marcus upside down from the Sue tree, which sprang from the Serpent’s carcass. Marcus started floating as the season came to an end.

Raised By Wolves Season 3

Upon his return, the third season would likely continue the story after the events of the season. In addition, we can find out more about Marcus’ situation. If Mother manages to escape the simulation, she and Grandmother may clash. Additionally, in a conversation, the show’s creator, Aaron Guzikowski, shared his plans for Raised By Wolves Season 3. He said Raised By Wolves Season 3 would likely feature more flashback scenes of Earth. Based on what he said, the show’s third season certainly sounds exciting, but it’s unfortunately not very likely.

Cast Details!

The cast of Raised By Wolves includes Amanda Collin as the mother and Abubakar Salim as the father. Travis Fimmel as Marcus/Caleb. The show also stars Niamh Algar as Sue/Mary, Winta McGrath as Campion and Felix Jamieson as Paul. Meanwhile, Jordan Loughran plays Tempest, Ethan Hazzard plays Hunter and Aasiya Shah plays Holly. Then there’s Ivy Wong as Vita, Matias Varela who plays Lucius and Grandmother is played by Selina Jones.

Raised By Wolves Season 3

In addition, Morgan Santo Vrille plays, Kim Engelbrecht as Decima, Jennifer Saayeng as Nerva and James Harkness as Tamerlane. In addition, Michael Pennington also gives his Voice to The Trust. If the show is relaunched for Raised By Wolves Season 3, we may see the return of the majority of the remaining characters. At the same time, the show can also introduce us to some new faces.

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