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Why I Quit Facebook Politics


With the dawn of social media comes an entirely new character: the Facebook politician. Usually articles or posts about politics are quite sporadic. Until a big event happens. Suddenly everyone knows everything about everything. Everyone seems to have very strong opinions. Everyone is super knowledgeable, and what better vessel of information than themselves? That’s reasonable, since people’s emotions run high when something important happens. And I don’t blame them, emotions are good!

In the early stages of this wave, I’m doing well. I’ve adjusted my friends list over the years so that I usually only get to see a certain side of the story. It’s one I largely agree with so it doesn’t really bother me, but then it gets to the point where it’s all I see. If it annoys me, a supporter of the position you hold, imagine what it must feel like for someone who follows you and disagrees with you.

Now if you want to be annoying on Facebook, that’s completely up to you. I sometimes annoy myself. But don’t share things under the guise that you’re actually going to change someone’s opinion by introducing an “informative” article. I put that in quotes because sources are diverse and often biased. The people who agreed with you were on your side to begin with.

Also, when have? actually productive conversations have taken place through the comments section? Never. That’s because people are either yelling at each other through the keyboard about how wrong the other person is, or correcting their grammar. It becomes a painful, but at times entertaining exchange to read. Neither side, of course, has an open mind or wants to change their mind. It’s just an excuse to voice their opinion one more time.

This is why I’ve decided somewhere along the way that it’s best not to share my feelings on a particular topic because in the end, your opinion doesn’t really matter. I realized that whether I did something or not, everything stayed the same. My opinion was not a revelation to anyone, so I decided to save my opinion for those who I think could respect it. Everyone feels like an activist when they’re on Facebook, but in reality it probably has the same impact as a cat video.

If anyone wants to know how I feel about something or why I think a certain way, ask me in person. Having a real conversation, in person, is much more effective than just blowing your opinion away. Don’t waste energy or raise your blood pressure on pointless arguments, but instead talk to someone who is genuinely curious. No one has ever changed anyone’s mind by shoving information and their opinion down your throat. Most change is achieved by talking to someone who is already open to it.