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Why you should empower others on campus and how to get started

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Shreya Christina
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This is a response to Female empowerment on campus

Let’s face it: student life is tough. From balancing your various responsibilities and relationships on and off campus to finding your place in the supposed best years of your life, feeling confident and empowered can be tough. But remember – when did you start to feel like your campus At home? Better yet, Who did the campus make you feel at home?

I think of the organizations I joined during my first semester on campus. I had joined at least six organizations because I was trying to find the best match and was shy, usually listening more than talking during organization meetings. Admittedly, this was during the height of the pandemic, so it was difficult to make personal connections with other students outside of my dorm. But seeing senior class people excitedly talk about upcoming events and growth plans encouraged me to feel the same passion for college life. Meeting online and socially distanced with people who found their passion in college, whether it was college ministry, guiding students in the Honors College, or educating students on business components, I realized as a freshman that I too would find my way.

Getting advice from people who were actively involved in something they were passionate about and how they started their college journey led me to the people I met and the opportunities I’ve been able to pursue since freshman year. From finding my core group of friends to completing my studies abroad, I felt empowered by the leaders in my various organizations and programs to do my best and truly thrive in my college experience.

If you’re an upperclassman on your college campus, why would you empowerment of those who have recently entered university? Midway through my recent fall semester, my advisor from one of the organizations I’m most involved with on the Miami campus asked me about the legacy I wanted to leave on the organization. As Director of Public Relations, I thought about creating a consistently high level of social media engagement and an easy-to-navigate digital marketing framework for prospective members. My advisor thought about this for a moment, but emphasized the importance of leaving a legacy relationships and pass the baton also. By building a relationship with and teaching a new member the basics of this position, I not only feel supported, but I also pass on what I’ve learned to future leaders who will replace me after I graduate.

I realized that I had to do what I had been allowed to experience during my freshman year – continue the path that was laid out for me by students, especially the women and students of the first generation. Whether that’s participating in weekly information sessions about my programs with high school students of diverse backgrounds or low incomes like mine or making a positive impact on my residency as an RA, educating others is an been one of the best parts of my life. college experience.

To empower younger students across campus, especially those from a similar background to you, I suggest reaching out, showing appreciation, and being a positive resource and influence. Going out for coffee or lunch with a freshman can make their day because it shows they are valued in the new club or community they are joining. Greeting them at the start of a meeting shows that they are valued and care.

Similar to what the original author noted in their article, encouraging love, positivity, and trust in others has helped my self-love and acceptance of who I am. Not only are you continuing to pave the way for those who come after you on your college campus, but you are also paving the way for the passion and confidence of your future self after your college experience.

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