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Will Bad Boys Season 4 take place in 2022?

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With stunning box office results, rave reviews (yes, really) and rave reviews from fans, Bad Boys for Life was an unexpected blockbuster when it came out in January this year.

Despite last appearing as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in Bad Boys II 17 years ago, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have proven they still have all the action chops, comedic skills and on-screen chemistry needed. are to be not only a solid return to the franchise, but also the best entry yet.

The return of Lowrey and Burnett was announced in 2015, and a fourth installment was rumored to be in the works at the time. Fans who have been watching it may remember that a fourth installment was also in the works at the time.

bad boys 4

When it became clear that Bad Boys for Life would be cleaning the box office in its first weekend, during which it achieved the second-biggest January opening in history, the studio Sony quickly confirmed that this was still the case.

However, once it became clear that Bad Boys for Life would be cleaning the house at the box office on the first weekend, the studio Sony quickly confirmed that this was still the case (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Of course, we don’t have much information about the film yet, but it’s never too early to dig through the information available and get involved with our trademark of informed guesses about it. Here’s everything we know about Bad Boys 4 so far.

Ensemble cast of Bad Boys 4

Smith and Lawrence will no doubt return for Bad Boys 4, despite the rest of the cast still on the air. As Rita, the boys’ fellow officer, it’s a good bet that Paola Nez will reprise her role; at the end of Bad Boys for Life she is promoted to Captain, and since their previous boss Captain Howard (Joe Pantliano) was murdered during the events of the movie, Lowrey and Burnett will need someone to bust their ass in the sequel.

bad boys 4

Additionally, a scene during the film’s mid-credits sequence suggests that Armando (Jacob Scipio) may have a part in the fourth installment. The revelation that Lowrey was actually his biological father came as a shock after spending the duration of For Life trying to kill him for his long-ago involvement in bringing down his parents’ cartel. (Shocking turn ahead.) lowrey had an affair with his mother while undercover.

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Bad Boys 4 release date has been set

First and foremost, no official release date for Bad Boys 4 has been announced yet. While it was reported that Sony had recruited Bad Boys for Life screenwriter Chris Bremner to write the fourth installment, this was not confirmed by Sony.

In addition, the studio has informed us that there will not be another 17-year break between films in the future. You read that right – nearly two decades have passed between the release of Bad Boys II and the release of Bad Boys for Life. Do you want to know what is the best? The fourth edition of the Big Boys film series will hit theaters this summer. Hurrah!!!

It’s also worth noting that one of the main impediments to the release of the third picture was to align Will Smith’s schedule with the rest of the cast and crew. It’s true that Smith was a rising star in 2003, but he’s a megastar now, and it goes without saying that there wouldn’t be any Bad Boys on the show without him.

While Smith has a rather busy schedule with upcoming movies, we’re taking a bet that Sony will do everything it can to ensure Bad Boys 4 arrives in theaters by 2022 at the latest, as is customary for the studio.

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What exactly is the storyline of Bad Boys 4?

Unfortunately, that sting doesn’t give us any other information about this case – although it’s very clear that he will be connected to Armando in some way. Since Armando’s entire life has been spent as a killer for a Mexican drug cartel, it makes sense that the boy has insider knowledge of a wide variety of international criminal enterprises.

As a result, we expect that in Bad Boys 4 Lowrey and Burnett will have to deal with some shady new organization – one that Armando has some fame with – trying to gain a foothold in the Miami market.

bad boys 4

However, we may be able to get some more information about the Bad Boys 4 plot from IMDB. When a new threat rears its head in Miami, a modern, highly specialized police squad clashes with the Bad Boys, according to the film’s official website, which was believed to have been developed around the time of those first 2015 claims.

The page has since been updated to include a generic “Plot Unknown” tag, but that brief recap has to come from somewhere, and with Bad Boys for Life co-writer Chris Bremner already confirmed to write the fourth installment, it’s possible the plot element involving the “highly specialized police unit” that caused trouble for Burnett and Lowrey will still make it into the film.

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