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Will Dagmar take over? Has Netflix renewed the show?

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Disenchantment continued to expand the world the show had established. In the fourth season, Ben and her friends finally reunited with King Zog. At the same time, Bean met Bad Bean in her dreams. However, the show still has many open storylines. That’s why fans eagerly await Disenchantment Season 5. So let’s discuss when the animated show will return-

Netflix’s Disenchantment, developed by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, is an animated fantasy drama show. The series debuting in 2018 follows the drunkard and rebellious princess of the Dreamland Kingdom. The show follows as he embarks on a journey in the magical land with friends Elfo and Luci.

Disenchantment Season 5: Renewed?

Disenchantment Season 5

The fourth season of Disenchantment premiered all episodes on February 9, 2022 on the streaming giant. Meanwhile, even after nearly three months, there has been no update from Netflix on the extension. However, we must not forget that the animated series has been hugely successful, both critically and in response from the public. So we’ll have to wait and hope Netflix renews the series soon.

What can fans expect from Disenchantment Season 5?

Disenchantment Season 5

One of the standout features of the show is its extensive use of foreshadowing to tease the upcoming events. So, the way the fourth season ended may have given a few hints to eagle-eyed viewers about the events of Disenchantment Season 5.

In Season 4, Bean was thrown into the water by her mother Dagmar after she overcame the evil version of herself, which had tormented her nightmares. Meanwhile, Mora, her mermaid boyfriend, rescued her there. This kicks off the ongoing battle between Bean and Dagmar and a love story with Mora for Disenchantment season 5. Viewers also got a taste of Bean’s potential power, especially in her dream form, which will no doubt play a key role next season.

Dagmar to take over in Disenchantment season 5?

At the end of Disenchantment Season 4, Dagmar’s ambitions for Bean continued to evolve. Season 4 seems to have a recurring motif of mirrors. And the mirror in Bean’s room turned out to be just as strange as Satan’s mirror incident. Bean communicated with “Bad Bean” through her dreams, which raises many more questions about how Dreamland’s magic works.

Disenchantment Season 5

Before Bad Bean took over her body and locked her in a parallel Dreamland, Bad Bean guided Bean in using her powers. Dagmar, however, was somehow connected to all of this. She returned to Dreamland to find that her daughter, whom she wanted, had beheaded her before throwing her off a cliff. And still service to the severed head of ‘Bad Bean’. All these hints that we may see an entire Dagmar take over Dreamland in Disenchantment Season 5.

Elfo’s pedigree revealed!

Disillusionment (TV series 2018– ) - IMDb

After fans have wondered about it for so long, Disenchantment Season 4 finally revealed Elfo’s parentage. Junior, Elfo’s Ogre half-brother, is one of the first “humanoids”. Elfo meets him outside Elfwood, and he is blinded by Elfo stabbing him in the eye with daggers.

Over the course of the four seasons, the two often found themselves establishing sibling rivalries without acknowledging that they were half-brothers. Elfo discovers all this immediately after learning that his mother Ogre is Queen Grogan. Fans have assumed Elfo’s mother is an Ogre since season one, and that was clearly stated in previous seasons. This gave Elfo’s character a whole new dimension.

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