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Will it come back? What are the odds?

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The first season of the American true crime docu-drama series, Who Do You Believe, premiered on the ABC network in May 2022. The show offers a contradictory narrative by showing two sides of an incident. The show received critical acclaim for its first season. Now fans are wondering if Who Do You Believe season 2 is coming. But will it ever happen? What are the odds? Keep reading to find out.

What happened in the first season?

Who Do You Believe is a true crime drama series. Thomas Hatsios, the Supervising Producer, is in charge of the series production. In the documentary series, witnesses are questioned, including both sides of a crime.

Who do you believe season 2

Images amply support the testimonies of the two prime suspects, as they are grilled using split-screens and a back-and-forth technique. Everyone tells the story in a certain way. Even if conclusions allow the public to come to their conclusions.

Jordynn Watson, who is seven years old at the end of the first season, loses both her mother and her grandmother within a year of each other. Grandma Marilyn is murdered and her mother disappears. Even as the investigation continues, the researchers’ clues are eventually no longer useful. When the case later gets new attention, Jordynn fights Detective Kelly Anderson because she’s certain Jordynn’s father was responsible for the murders of Jordynn’s mother and grandmother. Jordynn, on the other hand, is certain that her father did not commit the murders and is innocent.

What to Expect From Who Do You Believe Season 2?

Who do you believe season 2

The fact that Season 1 lacks a basic plot and instead has many stories in each episode makes it challenging for us to predict the storyline of Who Do You Believe Season 2, even though it is expected to also feature stories about various crimes. We assume that the second season will contain numerous crimes. Viewers of this program can view the crime scene from the point of view of both the detective and the suspect.

This unique television program presents two conflicting visions of true crime. It will be more difficult to predict the story of the second edition as the storylines will change from episode to episode. Moreover, it is not easy to make predictions as no official statements have been made about Who Do You Believe Season 2. We will inform you as soon as we receive new information.

Will there be who do you believe season 2?

Who do you believe?

The first season of the true crime drama series premiered on the ABC network on May 3, 2022. Meanwhile, the show concluded with the season finale on July 12, 2022. However, no information has been released about the Who Do You Believe Season 2 since then. That’s why we’ll have to wait a little longer until ABC decides to move on to the second installment of the crime series.

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