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Will Texas Ever See Legal Online Gambling?

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The strictest rules of the game in the United States exist in Texas. However, online casinos and gambling fans in the Lone Star State have a variety of alternatives to choose from.

In Texas, social casinos are legal and completely free. They offer a similar selection of table games and online slots to those found in real money online casinos. In addition, social casinos allow players to win real money or prizes by participating in sweepstakes-style events and tournaments, which are legal in the state of Texas.

Texas does not currently regulate online gambling, and given the state’s history, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Playing at any of the Texas casinos hosted off-shore without breaking any laws is still an option until the legalization day for gambling arrives. There are many offshore Texas real money casino sites gamblers can choose. Many of them offer great bonuses so it is advisable to look around and not jump on the first one you find.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Texas?

Texans are not allowed to play for real money in Internet casinos. As a result, any online casino that offers cash prizes, including online slots and online poker rooms, cannot be opened or wagered on. It is possible that Texas will not be one of the states to allow these games in the near future, despite the efforts of many other states. Online casino gaming has become even more controversial in places than mainland casinos in Texas, which is why the state’s anti-gambling laws are so strict. It seems doubtful whether online casinos will be legalized in the near future. Since the legislature only meets in odd years, it is unlikely that legislation will be passed. Social casinos are allowed in Texas, although real money gambling is not.

It is possible to play for free and win prizes or sweepstakes without depositing any money. Casinos still operate on tribal lands belonging to two Native American nations (despite repeated legal challenges from the Texas government). In addition, the Gulf Coast offers “cruises to nowhere,” allowing gamblers to take casino ships to foreign seas, free of game rules. The choices for real money casino games in the Lone Star State are now limited to these two locations. While social gaming is on the rise, commercial casinos and other forms of internet gambling are still illegal in Texas.

What online casino games will be available in Texas?

Online casino games that are popular in Texas are currently banned, so there are no real money casino sites in the state. Social casinos, on the other hand, offer almost the same selection of games and are legal in Texas. Here’s a rundown of the most popular online casino games Texans can play if the state legalizes online gambling.

online poker

Online poker in Texas is subject to the same restrictions as casino games. Playing online poker for real money or cash prizes is against the law in the state of Texas. Despite the state’s long-standing image as a poker ‘wild west’, there is no political need to expand into the new frontier of real money online poker. Poker players don’t have options right now, and it looks like that won’t change anytime soon. If you’re looking for a place to play poker in person, you can find it at the same handful of casinos. There are two Native American casinos in the area where gamers can play poker (at Eagle Pass and Livingston, respectively). Poker is also an option on cruise ships departing from the Gulf Coast.

Online slots

Legal social casinos in Texas offer online slots that work identically to those in a land-based casino. Online slots are becoming more and more popular and if the state of Texas legalizes real money online gambling, they will be freely accessible. Both mainland casinos in Texas offer their residents slot machines.

Online Blackjack

Neither of the land-based casinos in Texas offer online blackjack. This corresponds to the strict rules of the Texas game, which may change in the future. In recent years, Colorado has taken a more liberal stance on gambling laws, allowing internet gambling and sports betting. Online blackjack can be a great way to enjoy the game in a more convenient environment if Texas follows suit. At a table with your selected limits you don’t have to search for an available seat and the cards are dealt fairly quickly. Practicing in this way can help blackjack players become more proficient at the game and eventually stop worrying about the numerous situations they would have to hit or stand in while playing the game online. The more you practice blackjack, the easier it is to win.


It’s easy to play online roulette from the comfort of your own home. It’s easier to get your chips to a crowded table and keep track of past spins with casino mobile applications.

While it is illegal to play online roulette in Texas, all major mobile casino apps will provide the game if the state ever passes laws allowing it.

Live dealer

An important difference separates live dealer casino table games from the typical offering of mobile apps: a human dealer. Online casino players can enjoy a more lifelike table gaming experience when a live dealer is available from a distant location. It is illegal to have a live dealer in Texas, but it is not uncommon. Even in places where internet gambling is allowed, it is difficult to find live dealer picks. However, live dealer blackjack, roulette and baccarat are available in most jurisdictions that allow mobile casino applications.


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