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Netflix’s psychological thriller series Behind Her Eyes premiered in its first season in February 2021. The first season finale revealed that Rob had possessed Adele’s body all along, and he eventually switched bodies with Louise. After the end of the first season at a high level, fans have been waiting for Behind Her Eyes season 2. So let’s discuss what we know about it.

When is Behind Her Eyes season 2 coming?

The first season of the series premiered on Netflix on February 17, 2021. As for the second season of the series, given the end of the first season, it seems highly unlikely. Meanwhile, we also know that the six-episode series was planned as a miniseries. The ending of the first season was satisfying and concluded the ongoing storyline.

Behind her eyes season 2

We know that the first season of Behind Her Eyes that followed is based on the thriller novel by English writer Sarah Pinborough and since there is no second novel in the series. That’s why Behind Her Eyes season 2 is highly unlikely. However, if the show is chosen by another network, TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

How does astral projection behind her eyes work?

Astral projection is mostly used as a narrative device in Behind Her Eyes. The actions of the protagonists in the novel are motivated by the power of astral projection. In some ways, it’s a character in its own right and evolves throughout the series. In Behind Her Eyes, Adele, Rob and Louise only practice astral projection. Each of them uses astral projection in their unique method, gradually revealing the rules: Adele, like many others, uses astral projection as a kind of escapism from her unhappy existence. Rob eventually learns how to use it against her after she teaches him.

Rob uses astral projection to really avoid his bleak and destitute life as a drug addict. He uses it to commit crimes, even murder, to seize Adele’s body and with it her life and lover, which he has secretly craved for years. To keep Louise away from Adele’s husband, David, Rob, who poses as Adele, trains her to perform astral projection. Rob, like Adele, then uses astral projection to grab Louise’s body; Louise, who also has a gift for lucid dreaming, first tries to use astral projection to cure her nightmare. She later used it to help Adele, who she doesn’t know is actually Rob.

Side Effects of Astral Projection!

Behind her eyes season 2

Whenever one of the characters engages in astral projection, when they return to reality, they appear stunned and find it difficult to move. Ultimately, however, these ill effects are absent, with Louise quickly regaining consciousness in Adele’s body and Rob doing the same in Louise’s body. As Louise returns to her flesh form as she reads to Adam, the side effects are absent and she seems to quickly regain consciousness.

Rob’s personality!

Throughout the series, audiences witness Adele Rob in Adele’s body; However, Rob is still different. The audience saw Rob and Adele as happy, lively and hilarious people in the memories. On the other hand, Rob is not acting like his former self in Adele’s body. Now it could be argued that if Rob behaved like himself David could see something was wrong but he didn’t behave like Adele who was also a very pleasant person. As a result, Rob doesn’t actually act like who he is or who he’s trying to be.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Cast!

Behind her eyes season 2

In the series Behind Her Eyes, Eve Hewson plays the role of Adele, while Simona Brown appears as Louise. In the series, Tom Bateman also plays the role of Adele’s husband, David. Robert Aramayo and Tyler Howitt appear on the show as Rob and Adam, respectively. If the series returns for Behind Her Eyes Season 2, Tom Bateman, Simona Brown and Tyler Howitt will be able to return to play their respective roles.

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