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Will there be another episode of Song Joong-ki’s Kdrama? What happened in the season finale?

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After watching the climax and breathtaking finale, fans were left shocked and surprised at the same time, and now they want to see more from Reborn Rich. But will Reborn Rich Ep 17 return? Well, fans are eager to learn the answer. They also want to see Song Joong-ki perform as Do-Joon/Hyun. His performance captivated the fans, who now can’t get over it. But will he come back? He should. But it remains unclear. However, here’s everything you need to know.

Reborn Rich Episode 17: Is It Happening?

After watching the stunning season finale, fans are clamoring for more. They can’t wait to see Song Joong-ki return as the male protagonist. He played his character great, leaving fans confused when he switched from Do-Joon to Hyun. However, the plea is not answered. Unfortunately, Reborn Rich only consisted of 16 episodes. So there is no chance of Reborn Rich Ep 17. Furthermore, the first season ended with a perfect ending. So it doesn’t look like it will return with another season. But anything could happen if Netflix decides to return with another season.

Empire Reborn, Episode 17

A quick summary!

In the previous episode, the Soonyang clan struggled to survive the audience’s reaction. A lot happened in the family and later Sung Young-ki blamed everything. Soon the scandal surfaced and Do-Joon was formally nominated as the new chairman. But he knew he would die in a terrible car accident. So he was waiting behind his car when another truck rammed into the vehicle from behind. At his last moment, he faced Hyun, who tried to save him. Two decades later, Hyun was shot in the head, but Min saved him as she wanted to know the truth behind Do Joon’s murder. He then remembered living as a Do-Joon for seventeen years.

However, he wasn’t sure if it was a dream or if he was actually traveling back in time. Min later led him back to Korea and presented him as a witness. But an arrest warrant was issued against him for money laundering scammer. Hyun quickly ran away after reaching Seoul and met his brother and father. Later, he went directly to Soonyang’s previous financial manager and demanded answers. He then took Min’s help to investigate the matter. Sung-joon was questioned for the attempted murder of Hyun-woo. But soon Hyun played the recording during the process of exposing Young-ki.

Empire Reborn, Episode 17

Reborn Rich Episode 17: Release Date

As of now, the first season only consisted of 16 episodes. So it makes no sense for the upcoming episode to come back. But if the streaming giant decides to return with a special episode to explore Min and Hyun’s relationship, then we can expect it to return soon next year. We will update this section soon. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you posted.


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