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Will there be another season of Kdrama? Discover it here

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The South Korean drama series Bloody Heart is a beautiful story about love, politics and drama that revolves around Prince Lee Tae. The Park Pil-joo-created show ended on KBS2 in June 2022. Since then, fans have been waiting for the return of Bloody Heart season 2 to reveal the unanswered questions. But will it ever happen? What are the odds? Discover here-

Is Bloody Heart Season 2 Coming?

Bloody Heart Season 2

The first season of Bloody Heart premiered on KBS2 on May 2, 2022, and the season concluded with the sixteenth episode, which aired on June 21, 2022. Meanwhile, speaking of the prospect of Bloody Heart season 2, there are no updates from the Home Network or Disney+ yet. The fans should remember that Korean shows are not used to returning with a second season. In this case, however, the story ended on an unclear note. Therefore, the future may bring good news for us. So let’s wait and see what the future holds.

What could happen in Bloody Heart Season 2?

At the beginning of the series’ first season, King Sunjong’s senior season, Lee Tae, was entrusted with the title of King when the Rebellion ended. In his quest to establish himself as an absolute ruler. Lee Tae thought any measure would be justified if it helped him achieve his goal.

Bloody Heart Season 2

However, First Deputy Prime Minister Park Gye Won is against the idea. He has more authority than the king. Yoo Jung, who comes from an aristocratic family, adds some flavor to the mix. Lee Tae considers her his wife, leaving her family embroiled in a power struggle at the royal court.

The drama series’ first season ended on a cliffhanger. Fans therefore expect the show to continue the story after the events of the first season when it returns with Bloody Heart season 2. Fans still don’t know who killed Park Sang-yeon in season one, so the season may also reveal this mystery. . In the meantime, we may also teach Yoo So-Bin the whole truth in the season.


    Bloody Heart Season 2

The South Korean drama series cast stars Lee Joon in the role of Lee Tae, while Park Ji-bin plays the younger version of the character.

In addition, we have Kang Han-na as Yoo Jeong, Park Ji-yeon who plays Choi Ga-yeon and Heo Sung-tae who appears as Jo Won-pyo. Then there’s Choi Ri in the role of Jo Yeon-hee, Ha Do-kwon who tries Jung Eui-kyun. AndAhn Nae-sang played King Seonjong.

In addition, Woo Mi-hwa plays the role of Queen Inyeong, Yoon Seo-ah plays Ddong-geum and Park Sung-yeon can be seen as Court Lady Cho. If the show returns with Bloody Heart season 2, most of the main protagonists will likely return in their respective roles. At the same time, there may also be some new additions to the second season cast.

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