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Will there be another season?

Will there be another season?

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2: Netflix’s Juanpis Gonzalez is a Colombian comedy series developed by Alejandro Riaño and Diego Ramírez Schrempp. The sitcom drama revolves around the titular character Juanpis. He is a rich and spoiled brat with little sense of responsibility. But things change when his grandfather puts him to the test to see if he’s capable enough to run the family business.

The first season of Juanpis Gonzalez will be released on Netflix in January 2022. And the show managed to make its way into the hearts of fans. Now they’re waiting for Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2 to find out what’s in store for the titular character in the future.

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2: Now What?

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2

In the series’ first season, Juanpis proved he was hopeless and inspired a public beating that put his family business, Pombo Holdings, at risk. The family patriarch, Louis Carlos, wanted to make sure his estate is in safe hands before he leaves. Juanpis, however, was far from reliable. Then a new adventure in Juanpis’s life began when his grandfather put him in a situation to test his ability to run Pombo Holdings when the time is right.

When the show returns for Juanpis Gonazalez season 2, the story will continue after the events of the first season. The next season will reveal what lies ahead for the titular character Juanpis. Because his deplorable and unapologetic methods often endanger him, the fate of Pombo Holdings hangs in the balance.

As viewers saw in the first season, Juanpis’ mother also wanted to gain leadership of the family-owned empire. However, Louis Carlos enthusiastically opposed the idea. Will he change his mind after the mistakes Juanpis keeps making? All of this will be revealed in Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2.

When is Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2 Coming?

Juanpis González Season 2

The first season of the Colombian comedy series will be released on Netflix on January 19, 2022. And before a series is renewed for a new season, Netflix usually waits a few weeks or months to see how a show performs before renewing for another season.

Subsequently, there has been no official announcement from the streaming service about the series’ renewal for another season. Fans will therefore have to wait a little longer before there is clarity about Juanpis Gonazalez season 2.

Who will return?

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2

The all-star cast of the comedy series is led by actor Alejandro Riaño who plays the title role of Juanpis Gonzalez. The series also features Carolina Gaitan as Camila Benavides. Jairo Camargo as Louis Carlos, aka Abuelo Pombo. While Marcela Benjumea appears as Martuchis.

Meanwhile, other cast members in the series include Julián Caicedo as Libardo Bucaramanga and Juan Pablo Raba. And when the series returns for Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2, fans can expect most of the prominent cast members to return to play their respective roles.

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