Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date, Everything You Need to Know

Wonder Egg Priority is an anime series released in 2021 in the fantasy and psychological horror genre. The production, which does not manga adaptation, is original content produced directly as anime. The anime producer is Shinji Nojima, who made a name for himself with his popular live-action series. clover work, known from many anime series, takes on the task of the creative studio. We also know the studio from the beloved animes Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Senpai and Dakaichi† The anime, licensed from Funimation, premiered on NNS on January 13, 2021. In the last part of the series, the gospel was that the anime would get a new special episode. On June 30, 2021, there was a special episode with the public. However, fans are also excited about a new season. Well, the anime could be a . can have? second season

What is the storyline of the anime?

Short content: The story begins when our hero, a 14-year-old girl named Ai Ohto, hears a mysterious voice running through the city late at night. This voice calls to him, hands him an egg and says, “If you want to change the future, choose now. Believe in yourself now and smash the egg.”

Girls who committed suicide in time hatch from the eggs that our characters find. Our characters must end the tragedies of these girls within the given time. They believe that if they succeed, they will be able to bring a friend who committed suicide back to life in time.

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Voice actors and characters: Ai Ohto, played by Kanata Aikawa; a 14-year-old girl with heterochromia (both eyes colored differently).

Tomori Kusunoki plays Neiru Aonuma, a 14-year-old girl with very different skin tones. Neiru is usually very quiet.

Shuka Saitō portrays Rika Kawai, a 14-year-old girl with very different bleached hair with a pink accent line. She is very outspoken and does not hesitate to say what she thinks of people.

Hinaki Yano stars as Momoe Sawaki, a 14-year-old girl with a very prominent sign of beauty and a slender figure. She is often mistaken for a boy and is popular with girls.

Will Wonder Egg Priority have a second season?

From December 9, 2021CloverWorks or any related company does not have this yet renewed the anime for one second season† In general, anime follows mangas, and if there is not enough source material available, we have almost no chance of seeing a new season. However, the fact that the anime has original content allows a script to be written by Shinji Nojima for a second season independent of a magna. In terms of source material, there is no problem, but this is not the only criterion for a new season.

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Animes are financial products and sometimes created to support sales of the light novel and manga they were inspired by, and sometimes they take advantage of direct disc sales and exclusive distributors and viewers. Wonder Egg Priority is not distributed by a giant exclusive distributor like Netflix. So eyes turned to disc sales and general popularity for a second season opportunity.

To renew anime for a new season, the sales average is generally expected to remain above 4,000 units. If sales are disappointing, the decision-making committee will not approve a second season and the studio will not be thrilled with this work. Sales of discs for the first season of Wonder Egg Priority began on March 24, 2021. The first volume, which sold 962 units, was well below target and expectations. Given the disc sales, a new season is highly unlikely.

If we look at Google’s search data to see the worldwide popularity of the anime, we see a strong search popularity. So much so that anime is more sought after than many popular anime, and its current worldwide popularity is enough for another season. Yet parallel popularity is not available in Japan, and only about 40,000 people follow the official Twitter account in parallel with the disc sales. However, the global expectation may be sufficient for a new season.

miracle egg priority season 2

Season 2 Chance of Wonder Egg Priority

Popularity on Mynanimelist


Popularity on social media


Popularity on Google searches



Above average ratings (7.82 on MA, 7.8 on IMDb)

Good popularity

Original anime series (no source material required)

Pretty new anime


Only one season

Low popularity in Japan

Not a bestseller Manga or Light Novel Series

No big distributor or extra income

No success in disc sales

When is the second season of Wonder Egg Priority?

There is no confirmation yet, but if the anime is renewed for a new season, the production time will be about a year. The best prediction for a second season release date is end of 2022† Until then, we highly recommend watching similar anime Angels of Death and Invasion of high-rise buildings† Stay tuned for updates.


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