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Wordle’s Wordlebot will analyze how badly you played

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Everyone has their own way of playing. Some methods are arguably better than † But what if a computer could help players perfect their gameplay? The New York Times just revealed , an optional feature that breaks down a completed game and shows what players could have done to play more efficiently. We’ve all had Wordle rounds where we finally landed the winning word on the fifth attempt, or we were completely stuck. For those less-than-great attempts, WordleBot is probably a useful post-mortem.

Players are also given a score between 0 and 100 on luck and efficiency. This will likely raise the ante among families or groups of friends who compete to solve each game in as few tries as possible. WordleBot also reveals how each player’s score compares to others. Given the irritating Twitter craze of players posting Wordle scores to see how they compare to others (or humbly brag), there’s undoubtedly a need for this. WordleBot’s ratings are also a useful yardstick for determining whether a game was particularly difficult, standard, or unusually easy.

In a Q&A, the NYT gave a of how WordleBot works: “Every Wordle game starts with one of 2,309 possible solutions as the hidden word. On each turn, WordleBot chooses the word that will allow it to solve the game in as few steps as possible, assuming one of the remaining solutions is equally likely.”

For many players, WordleBot may just be more information than they need. Especially if Wordle is just meant to be a fun diversion. But hardcore Wordle players or those who feel like their gameplay has stalled will likely welcome the new feature. WordleBot can also bring back former players who want to know how much of their success was due to good gameplay – or just good luck.

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