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Work-life balance in a post-pandemic world

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The pandemic gave many workers time to think and reconsider what they wanted from their work situations. This reflection led to what became known as the Great Resignation, with many people leaving their jobs for new opportunities.

The truth is that most people didn’t just leave their jobs because of wage or benefit issues. Many also set out in search of what is known in Greek as “eudaimonia. According to Britannica, in conventional translations to English, this word means ‘happiness’. Simply put, many people have quit their jobs for the pursuit of happiness.

Many employers have seen the Great Resignation as a defeat for their company, but there are many things you can learn about creating a better work environment for your employees. I believe that work-life balance is an essential part of why employees stay where they are, so knowing how to provide a good work-life balance is critical today.

Why is the big layoff important?

While it may be easy for some to write off this mass exodus as workers looking for reasons to complain, it’s important that employers take it seriously. The pandemic gave many workers a taste of what their work-life balance could look like, and it’s not an experience they’ll soon forget. This means it’s critical to listen to their feedback and improve focus areas in your workplace.

A Pew Research Center questionnaire of employees who left their jobs in 2021 found that the top three reasons people left were due to low wages (63%), lack of opportunities to advance in the company (63%) and disrespect to feel (57%). These numbers are staggering and should make you want to do something to keep your employees around. But desire without a plan will get you nowhere.

What makes employees happy?

It’s easy to assume that money is the main motivation for being happy in a job, but research doesn’t support that idea. According to an research by IndeedWhile a lack of fair wages is one of the top reasons employees consider leaving, the top three things that make employees feel truly happy at work are:

• Feel energized and motivated by their tasks.

• Feel like they belong in their workplace and company.

• Feeling that they have a clear purpose for being at work.

Where did being paid fairly rank in the survey in terms of happiness at work? It landed in last place, with only 5% of people citing that as their biggest happiness motivator.

With this information in mind, it’s time to look at what you, as an employer, can do to help your employees feel truly happy at work, allowing for a senior tenure across the board. Here are some of my tips for giving your employees a better work-life balance.

Consider keeping it at bay.

Due to the pandemic, a large majority of employees are working from home for extended periods of time. This change of location gave many people a work-life balance that they didn’t know was possible, making it much more difficult for some to return to the same old office routine.

If your company is capable of that, consider keeping your employees completely at a distance or allowing them to work from home some of the time. By now, most of the bottlenecks have probably been solved by remote working, so it shouldn’t be difficult to offer your employees. While remote working isn’t for everyone, many employees thrived while working remotely.

Praise your employees.

It’s so easy to just talk one-on-one with an employee when they need to be corrected. However, this can lead to them feeling undervalued which is one of the main reasons for leaving a job in the current environment. Make it a point to let your employees know when they’ve done something right.

It goes even further when you praise them in front of their peers. This does not have to be a formal recognition ceremony, although it could be. You can easily send an email or message to the entire team to acknowledge hard work and dedication. Praise really goes a long way in the workplace.

Lead by example.

Have you ever heard the saying, “People don’t quit jobs; they stop being managers”? While this may seem like a catchy saying, there is a lot of truth behind it. One study even found that: 82% of employees would consider resigning because of management dislike. This means that it is crucial to be a manager that people like.

Being a sympathetic manager does not mean that you never correct or punish. Believe it or not, that’s not what employees want at all. Instead, they want managers who have an open line of communication. Why do people leave managers? Here’s some more information from that survey:

• Only 32% of people believed their managers cared about their personal development in the company.

• Only 39% said their manager was transparent and honest about promotion opportunities.

These low percentages touch on many of the top reasons employees report leaving a company.

As a manager, it is crucial to be approachable for your employees. Also, if possible, promote from within the company. Talk to employees and see who’s interested in moving up the ranks, then work with them to make it happen when opportunities arise.

In short, imagine the manager you wish you had – and then be that manager for your employees.

The Great Resignation may be scary for an employer, but it doesn’t have to be. I believe that giving your employees a pleasant work-life balance is the best way to ensure they keep working for the long haul. Many employees want to find a job that becomes a career. They are just looking for the right environment to make it happen. With these tips, you can start creating that environment during the post-pandemic transition. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

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