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YouTube is testing time-specific emoji responses

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Sometimes a YouTube video deserves more nuanced feedback than a simple comment, or a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”. YouTube is testing time-specific today emoji reactions for a small group of users. Viewers can discard an emoji when a specific moment in a video appeals to them (or doesn’t).

Users can also get an idea of ​​how others have reacted during the duration of a video. There will be a separate comment panel in the comment section of each video showing emoji reactions at the moment, similar to features already offered by Facebook Live and Twitch.

“If you’re watching a video that’s part of this experiment, you can comment and see audience reactions by opening the video’s comment section and tapping the comment panel. The test also shows you when other viewers respond (these are anonymized – we don’t show who sent each response). We are testing multiple sets of responses and will add or remove responses based on how the experiment is going!” Meaghan, a representative of Team YouTube.

Google regularly experiments with new features on YouTube, but they don’t always become permanent. YouTube recently tested that users can have their time go to specific points in a video and use the . When it comes to user engagement, YouTube has relatively few options.

Emoji reactions are hit and miss on other social media platforms. Twitter with emoji responses to tweets last year, and the responses were largely ambivalent. But unlike tweets, videos are a longer medium and are likely to elicit a multitude of responses. YouTube creators are also likely to receive more detailed user feedback via emoji, such as being able to determine whether a prank has landed or been bombed.

YouTube is initially testing emoji responses on a small number of channels, but will expand the feature depending on reception. A wide variety of emoji reactions are available to users, including the face with tears of joy, a heart, the shocked face, the party poppers, the “keep it 100” sign, a question mark, the idea light bulb, and a screaming cat.

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