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Zeta dumps Timmy for Jeff? What’s next?

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The Islanders face a new challenge in Love Island Season 4 Episode 11. They’ve seen a lot in the past few weeks and now they’re moving into another round of rematch. It’s time for them to choose who to spend the rest of the weeks with. Will everything go smoothly? It doesn’t look like it. Let’s take a look at the drama they did in the last episode and its fallout.

Love Island Season 4 Episode 11: What Happens Next?

It starts with the reconnection round. The previous episode got a little out of hand when two more guys entered the villa. Now girls have to choose who they want to couple with. Starting with Sydney, who decides to reconnect with Isaiah and leaves Andy alone. Despite Sereniti kissing Jesse a few times in the last episode, she decides to stay with Chad. After all the drama, Deb stays with Jesse too. Now it’s Zeta’s turn. She goes with Jeff and Bria chooses Timmy. As for Courtney, she’s going with Brian. Meanwhile, the rest of the boys remain single.

A quick summary!

Earlier in Love Island Season 4, Episode 10, two new guys entered the villa which made Zeta’s head spin. Timmy now had competition since Zeta showed an interest in Jeff. Jeff and Brian took the girls for a chat while the rest of the boys watched them from a distance. Brian revealed that he loved matching vibes with one of the girls, while Jeff went more with the flow. Soon the boys joined them and played a spirited game with Jesse kissing Bria, Timmy also lip-smacking with Bria and Courtney kissing Brian. However, when it was Sereniti’s turn, she locked Jesse together for a few seconds, leaving Deb in shock. As for Timmy, he swung between Zeta and Bria.

Love Island Season 4 Episode 11

But he assured Bria that he loved her more, and they kissed on the night bed. But wait before you go to their bedroom, Timmy had a passionate kiss with Zeta. It looked like someone was in trouble. Timmy later spoke to Isaiah and he mocked his condition. Timmy revealed that he had 50-50 feelings for both Zeta and Bria. Later, Deb told Sydney that something was wrong with Jesse after he kissed Sereniti. Later, the islanders went out of the villa for a challenging game where Jeff won the title of sexiest man in the villa. Meanwhile, Deb was angry that Jesse had kissed Sereniti again.

Love Island Season 4 Episode 11: Release Date

Love Island Season 4 Episode 11

Love Island Season 4 Episode 11 airs Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock. The all-new episodes air every day except Mondays. The UK public can now stream it. So stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.

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